Example sentences of "just that " in BNC.

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1 i wonder … what was I trying to prove ? just that I was not a sheep , waiting to be slaughtered , at their command .
2 Which was right be had no resemblance to what is commercially thought of a typecasting in any way — it 's just that the mixture was right with Simon Callow .
3 ‘ It is just that after much brainwork in Rome I have thought to give myself a little holiday on this famous Capri Island . ’
4 It 's just that I could never remember it afterwards , and anyway everyone seemed to pronounce it differently .
5 You 're perfectly capable of teaching ; it 's just that you 've now got this thing about it . ’
6 It 's just that none of us actually knows how to go about it . ’
7 Why Martha transferred the money before she put her apron on I do n't know — I suppose it 's just that everyone has their own little routines for doing things .
8 It was n't that I was being purposely unfriendly , it was just that I had decided that my best chance of survival lay in my being as unobtrusive as possible .
9 Bradstone , leading producers of high quality paving and walling products , is pleased to offer out prizewinner the opportunity to do just that in this exciting competition to win a patio worth £3,000 .
10 I have this urge to snow you my childhood stamp collection , just that I do n't have one .
11 Just that she 'd seen Dionne so often sad and unsure .
12 ‘ God forbid ! ’ said Dionne , ‘ just that I 'm living with a delinquent at the moment and it makes me feel mature .
13 In fact , it does n't matter what the thought is , what predicate I ascribe to them , just that they are the object of some kind of thought .
14 It 's just that the powers that be treat us teachers like dirt .
15 I suppose I fancied him although I told myself that it was just that I felt sorry for him .
16 It is just that it could have been more meaningful and less unpleasant had it felt a touch more like a pilgrimage than a harsh , faceless drive for productivity .
17 Perhaps it 's just that we do n't have enough of those long , thin granite cracks .
18 Opening an area such as this to the public means just that , and together with genuine walkers and climbers arrive the wild flower pickers , the egg stealers and the litter louts .
19 Having done just that half way through this contest which was judged on time in the first round , she had an agonising wait to see whether anyone would catch her .
20 ‘ It 's not just that the objectives have been achieved , of getting the policy reviews endorsed , and conducting ourselves in a way that will attract the British people .
21 It is not just that dealing with Old Age Pensioners who have reported missing budgies falls outside the definition of what counts as ‘ real ’ police work , the work is also disliked because it is problematic , for policemen need to display competence in the way they convey sympathy while admitting that nothing will be done .
22 And it is just that : a point of view , a vision , put forward through a fine prose style , that gives the work of Frazer a position above that of other scholars of equal erudition and perhaps greater ingenuity , and which gives him an inevitable and growing influence over the contemporary mind .
23 It was not just that degenerates were thought to be intelligent and gifted ; their intelligence manifested one of the most disturbing paradoxes of the perverse : a vitiating regression to the primitive from within an advanced cultural sophistication .
24 It is not just that there survive undeconstructed residues of , say , Romanticism and modernism , or that the constructed forms echo still within the deconstructed ( although they clearly do survive in these ways ) ; it is also that they exert an influence in and as their newly deconstructed state .
25 It was just that I happened to ask at the right moment .
26 It was not just that they helped out at the occasional by-election , but that they ‘ pointed to new sources of support whose eventual accommodation , and to new issues whose eventual resolution , would ultimately modify the party itself and help equip it for the challenges of post-war politics ’ .
27 It is not that he does n't care , just that his sense of values are different — not better , not worse , just different .
28 Within Spanish art itself , on the other hand , the line is almost too simple : Goya was intensely aware of Velázquez , Picasso of both , but for Gironella the problem is not just that Picasso could be seen to have inserted himself into the next place in the sequence but that as a Mexican an unequivocal position in any such art-historical lineage is utterly unattainable .
29 It was not that they were there as a punishment , just that the cellar was their living room ( a common arrangement in the back-to-backs of Bradford where most Asian families live ) .
30 It is just that I want to be free . ’
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