Example sentences of "just i " in BNC.

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1 Just I know you 've been busy and enjoying your friends .
2 ‘ It 's just I see all this pain and shit , and it 's all my fault . ’
3 ‘ Sorry , ’ said Jay , ‘ just I want to know everything about you . ’
4 I know I 'm at the station , cos that 's obvious , it 's just I ca n't exactly remember how I got here .
5 It was easy , really , getting out of there — it was just I was confused by it being dark and that .
6 I ai n't trying to , it 's just I ca n't walk quick .
7 ‘ It 's just I 'd promised Jos . ’
8 It 's just I do n't relish any of Jahsaxa 's colleagues making a nuisance of themselves here .
9 Just I , the writer , the God , the one who sees , who understands .
10 ‘ It 's just I get to wondering … ’
11 It 's just I 'd like tae know — ye know , how she 's getting on and that . ’
12 It 's just I 've got things to do . ’
13 ‘ It 's just I was wondering … . ’
14 It 's just I do n't really know much about them because they live quietly . ’
15 It was just the officers and the screws , not the boys , the boys was O.K. But it was just I turned as soon as I went in , right , as soon as they wanted to be helpful , right , a copper would go like that , ‘ You no got a fag , son ? ’
16 It 's just I 'd like to make her over .
17 I know I just I do n't know why it 's too much coming her to discuss
18 Erm , just picking little bits , I mean er , we when we say actually what it is erm , annual report do we say the annual report to parents , or is it annual report just I know that that 's minor but at the actual top what do we actually call the thing that we 're presenting ?
19 It 's just I 'd like something printed .
20 No I just I know they ta I know what they smell like you know
21 Erm I just erm read the question like and I just I I I thought it 'd be like a triangle , you work it out on the triangle and then I thought no that
22 So how do you just I mean rather than do it in your head , especially in an exam , just what you 're going to do , put the Add X to both sides say .
23 I 'll just I 'll just
24 Wave it past your nose you do n't sn Do n't do n't just I 'll just wave it past your nose .
25 Just I mean out of interest the reason why I did n't take Sheffield
26 a different I 'll just I 'll just sketch them on here then you can when we get one sorted out you can draw one on there .
27 It was just I I was just looking at there them down there .
28 I was being a bit lazy with myself then erm I just I just looked there and I was gon na double that
29 It 's just I 'm a bit tired tonight , that 's all . ’
30 It 's not such a magnificent thing that I 've got pregnant , it 's just I 'm the only one that 's kept it .
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