Example sentences of "just been " in BNC.

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1 My plan for how I was going to live out the rest of my days had just been torn up in front of my face and I needed time to adjust .
2 She settled down to my right where Steve had just been sitting .
3 My plan was shattered — my whole life had just been shattered .
4 ‘ Funnily enough , that 's been one of the nice things about Harwich : people have n't overburdened everything with all my troubles and they 've just been themselves .
5 It 's only just been finished but the plan is to have four people living there — three clients or whatever and one person sponsored by us , probably a member of staff .
6 Eventually I was able to convince my senior officers that anthropology was one of the social sciences , perhaps only because I somewhat sardonically returned a memo which asked ‘ why , if anthropology is not approved , have I just been allowed to read the subject on a Bramshill Scholarship , on full pay and allowances ? ’
7 Having just been reading a bright-red leaflet we glance up to a plain , white wall — at which instant we see a green patch .
8 When Eleanor left , the Statue of Liberty had just been unveiled in New York harbour .
9 Age Concern England 's briefing paper , Pensioner organisations in England , has just been revised .
10 The sentences must have a rise and full , an ability to flow onwards with pauses for breath , like full stops , or a moment 's silence for the onlookers to assess what has just been stated and to understand its purpose and place in the design before the dance continues .
11 My youngest girl has just been operated on and I could n't believe she only had two stitches .
12 I feel an opting-out system would be probably less distressing to the donor 's relatives ( who may find an approach for donation insensitive when they have just been told of an — often — unexpected death ) .
13 Inside the man-made cavern , located 100ft up the side of a cliff , an archaeological survey team found a hastily-written message recording that ‘ Joezer ( the priest ) has just been killed ( or wounded ) .
14 ‘ I have been called many things by my political opponents , but I have just been given the kiss of death . ’
15 Her latest book The Truth about Lorin Jones ( Abacus , £3.99 ) has just been published in paperback .
16 This included £329,000 to Iroquois , covering fees over the four-and-a-half months that he chaired Eagle , £33,000 to Iroquois ' lawyer and two blank cheques for £250,000 presented to Richard Smith and Clive Whiley , who had just been sacked as directors of Eagle .
17 She invites me into the living room , pours me a coffee , sits down beside me , slips her shoes off and groans about the working day she has just been through .
18 Questioned about why she had not sought help immediately after the alleged attack , she said : ‘ I had just been raped by a policeman , and I did not trust no police after that . ’
19 ‘ At parties , if people ask what you 've been doing and you tell them that you 've just been around the world , it stops the conversationd ead . ’
20 A group of people have just been arrested by the railway Cheka for trying to travel without tickets , yet our peasant notes how the wife of a Roslavl' party member flourishes an authorization for a free pass typed out on a Tsarist form .
21 A new document concerning the future of open spaces in London has just been published .
22 The others have just been a job .
23 The emphasis at this committee is on records which have just been released , or which are about to be released .
24 CBS Records were inside holding their annual international conference , and Elvis stood in the street performing a selection of his songs using a small portable amplifier , just as his debut single ‘ Less Than Zero ’ has just been released .
25 Papillon has just been recaptured for the fourth time .
26 By coincidence , a manager who spoke good French and understood the French market place had just been recruited .
27 ‘ I 've just been posting a letter for poor Mrs. Fanshawe , Sister , ’ she said virtuously .
28 We was in this railway station and Marie had just been to the dentist .
29 The usefulness of gentle exercise in the morning to help warm us up has just been mentioned .
30 They develop a weak sleep/wake rhythm in the absence of external time cues , the implication of which has just been discussed .
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