Example sentences of "just the " in BNC.

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1 Occasionally auctions contain items so interesting that critics in newspapers comment on their quality , not just the prices they might fetch .
2 Indeed , the kind of life which he bestows on his coffee-pot or coffee-grinder , his table , his chair and window , is just the sort of life we feel these things are really living !
3 A fragment from an altarpiece can not be appraised in just the same way as an independent portrait ; and a craftsman 's skill is esteemed more accurately when the materials used are rightly identified .
4 But they are great just the same when the great things do not come along .
5 Perhaps radio will allow me to play all the unsuitable roles that I ca n't do visually in the theatre , where it 's just the voice and the character .
6 Just the glass .
7 Winning the John Moores would have given me just the confidence I needed .
8 Is it what is on the glass , or what is on the glass plus what is seen through the glass , or just the glass itself ?
9 Just the way it has to be .
10 Every morning it 's just the same routine .
11 Just the three parts of the project , he wrote : the finishing of the glass , the showing of the glass , and the end .
12 This even applies to listed buildings : there is still a worryingly widespread general belief that listing only covers the facade , or perhaps just the exterior , whereas it is of course expressly designed to protect the whole building .
13 This gives a lighter , cleaner taste which does n't overpower and illustrates the fact that it is not just the obvious oily herring , mackerel and salmon which have the body to withstand a mustard onslaught .
14 Had just the stuff in the shed .
15 The announcement about dinner being served , Henry observed with approval , had come at just the right length of time after the sherry had been drunk .
16 ‘ It 's just the vision of Matthews and Barnett buying those flowers .
17 Just the two .
18 There were no old memories around me now , just the blur of a new and frightening world .
19 ‘ A holiday 's probably just the thing for you , you know .
20 ‘ I think a part of me probably died when I took your job , though it may have been just the settling-down thing .
21 Still just the two kids .
22 The sting of a nettle works in just the same way as a hypodermic syringe .
23 A 5ft espalier is just the right height for pruning
24 Summer holidays arrive at just the wrong time for gardeners .
25 However , the method of checking should be just the same in order to establish the right habit .
26 Landing with obstructions on the upwind side is particularly dangerous and is just the sort of error people tend to make when they have n't flown for a while .
27 Just as the white-coated doctors in hospitals symbolize the clean and purifying nature of the healer , so the dark uniform of the police symbolizes not just the force identity , but also the presence of the avenger , who purifies through retribution rather than by cure .
28 No words , just the blissful caress of cool cotton sheets as they slid into bed , Jay 's body glowing with desire .
29 Like home , like the home you dream of , where people accept you and love you just the way you are .
30 But that is just the start . ’
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