Example sentences of "just [be] " in BNC.

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1 No matter how talented you are , at your age employers just are n't going to want to know . ’
2 Some competitors just are n't quick enough off the mark , or they hold back instead of thrusting in strongly .
3 When he states subsequently that ‘ mental phenomena just are features of the brain ’ , thus tying mental phenomena very rigidly to the brain itself , then I dissent .
4 Now the USSR catches only a few hundred belugas each year , not only because of enforced catch limits , but because these impressive creatures just are no longer there to be caught in such numbers .
5 His idea was not , simply , that matter in motion causes sense-perception , but that our sensory ideas just are motions in matter .
6 Somehow , neutering and population control just are n't the same issues in Barbados as they are in Great Britain .
7 Heather Goodchild , entertainment analyst at credit ratings agency Standard & Poor 's , said yesterday : ‘ MGM 's films just are n't working , their debts are running away and they have major problems in their corporate structure . ’
8 They just are n't commercial enough .
9 But out there forms just are n't there .
10 The people involved in administering the sport just are n't part of the scene , not the people I see at races … not there .
11 A career in outrage is a fine place to be but some jokes just are n't funny any more . ’
12 But just at this particular time we 've got a lot of residents with Zimmer frames and they really just are n't steady enough without one of the care staff going across with them , which does happen .
13 ‘ They just are , ’ says Hamilton-Phillips .
14 It is a very light wood and white instruments just are n't popular .
15 Mind you , we 'll still make sets with the old gauge low Bs in them , because some players do n't want to make the shift and some basses just are n't set up for strings that big . ’
16 ‘ One problem with having two career paths happily bubbling along is that there just are n't enough hours in the day a lot of the time .
17 Even if you 're feeling sick or perhaps you just are n't thirsty or hungry after London , it 's still wise to put a little back into that body of yours .
18 ‘ It does not mean that chartered accountancy is not attracting as many people as before — demand is still as high , but there just are n't the training places available . ’
19 According to Slater , the semiconductor suppliers just are n't confident that a market exists for Alpha .
20 And there just are n't any short cuts .
21 At that age you do n't discuss whether or not you 're going to be friends , you just are .
22 The simple truth is that in public buildings , in the streets ( and even in the House of Commons ) , there just are n't enough women 's loos to go around and this begs the equally simple question : why ?
23 I certainly do n't think with the sort of product we have at the moment that there will be any possibility of raising prices before then because I mean , you know , there just are n't any really films which are going to grab people .
24 There just are n't enough policemen and warders to feed them and so on .
25 Some of us are sporty and other just are not .
26 I played football after school but was never encouraged to play it erm , within the school programme , within P E or anything , it was hockey or netball and women just are n't encouraged at all to play football !
27 It 's not something that can be changed , like maybe management but erm it 's it 's just that , you know , to be careful , that if you 're doing these things , there 's some things which , I think women can do , and a lot of things that women should be doing , maybe there 's other things which just are n't there for them just now .
28 I think , you know , I think in answer to the embarrassment question , I think although it is about that erm , people are nay do , people wi on just are nay prepared to commit with information , I think , in areas there 's a wealth of information and experience
29 We just are n't that special .
30 Clare works for an estate agent so far up-market it 's mostly estates they deal in , not humble houses , no matter how extensive ; if it does n't boast a couple of salmon rivers , a few square miles of trees and a brace of hills , lochs or lakes , then they just are n't interested .
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