Example sentences of "just [adj] " in BNC.

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1 If , after reading the advice in Chapter 9 , you decide to keep to a very strict calorie intake of just 850 to 1,000 calories daily , you will find it very difficult to achieve the upper levels of the fibre recommendation and might even find it difficult to consume 35 grams of fibre daily .
2 The Department of Health figures show that nationally , two-year lists have been slashed from 51,224 patients at the end of March , 1991 to just 1,640 patients at the end of last month .
3 ‘ You 're just peeved that it 's not about your subject , that 's all .
4 ‘ Ah , you 're just peeved your lot have elected a woman leader .
5 In an area restricted to just 15,200 hectares farmers would be offered compensation to reduce fertiliser inputs .
6 For example , it is not just private organisations and individuals who take legal action against auditors .
7 Just private business , like . ’
8 The second reason arises from the fact that public projects do not displace just private sector investment projects .
9 No just private people trying to get work .
10 Most experts say that the happiest — and longest — relationships are based on close friendship and shared interests , not just strong feelings .
11 She would not say they had become friends , just strong acquaintances .
12 Just 11,493 spectators turned up at Upton Park as ITV kicked off its live Football League coverage to rival Channel 4 's Italian action and Sky 's Premier League offering .
13 Despite the earlier reservations about the differing user needs , it was felt that , because both departments were dependent on images in their operations , eg plans , drawings etc , rather than just textual documents , there could be considerable potential for the use of Document Image Processing ( DIP ) systems .
14 At times , his resemblance to George Michael is n't just striking , it 's out on long-term industrial action .
15 Ah no , he asked tha , we 're all just pissed as farts basically !
16 Yeah I know but I mean like my mum was saying that you know sometimes you 're just pissed to stop and you just com carry on and stuff .
17 ‘ I got hassle all the way through school because I had the wrong haircut and would n't wear uniform and I was just annoying and disruptive .
18 They 're just annoying strips of nylon that flap in the breeze .
19 I ca n't help it , he 's just annoying .
20 Well I know , I do n't worry , it 's just annoying in n it ?
21 Now , partly I think as a result of the numbers being fewer , but partly as a result of simply a greater awareness of need , I think , the schools are more caring places , they do try erm not to treat erm minority groups as just annoying variants on the majority group , they try to erm think through their problems and to help to meet them .
22 The scale of physical destruction was such that of 98,000 dwellings administered by the London County Council in 1939 , just 9,250 escaped unscathed .
23 I 'm just pre-empting other people …
24 Nights when ops were on were not so hectic now that the boys did not have the long runs to Berlin and Nuremburg , just specific targets in France and western Germany .
25 Local fluctuations in price are usually short-lived , and the result of a recent surfeit or scarcity of sales in a particular market ; this may affect either rugs in general or just specific groups .
26 everything on there is known about that , just specific areas .
27 You said in your last letter that you were just friendly with Cora-Beth but you do n't ever write about any other girls , so I do wonder if you are n't more fond of her than you let on .
28 Walsh set a record for the most economical bowling in a one-day international between Test-playing countries with just eleven runs off eleven overs , but 21 no-balls and wides sent down by his chums did not help the struggle , especially as Gooch was ‘ out ’ twice to no-balls .
29 For young Carol Jones , just eleven years old , it was a terrifying and wonderful time .
30 Just eleven players since 1905 have appeared in Palace colours more often than Vince but , in reviewing his career with us , one is left with the feeling that , while it promised to climb the highest peaks of success , it in fact merely reached the approaches .
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