Example sentences of "just [adv prt] " in BNC.

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1 A furious Liverpool bench claimed Wright 's killing goal was offside — but TV replays showed he was just on .
2 He obliged by hitting a vast drive about fifty yards beyond Harley 's , who then got his second shot just on to the front edge of the green and about forty feet from the flag .
3 ‘ That 's what I was just on about , ’ William said with a sigh .
4 ‘ Our backs were disappointing in some respects against Monaghan , ’ he chides , ‘ We gave away two goals within a couple of minutes and you simply can not do that and expect to win championship matches — it 's not just on . ’
5 But my other commitments prevent me from turning up to their committee meetings now so erm I 'm sort of stepping back on to I 'm just on to their mailing list .
6 Yeah it 's , it 's just on at the moment er they did n't hear any the other stuff
7 Well I did n't start getting any dinner cos Jenny 's just on about getting fish and chips .
8 Well I mean all our be , all our bedroom ones are only just on and they 're red hot !
9 And it was one of those such nights that at half past seven I 'd just got most of the fires set and ready to er er just on and going and I 'd half an hour to get everything straightened and ready for eight o'clock opening , and the door at the back went , which was where the office used to be .
10 JUST along from the Corviniana was a quite different exhibition entitled Sztá-lin !
11 The friendly voice belonged to Mrs Caskie who lived just along from Maggie and her family .
12 You will find us 9 miles from York , 11 miles from Malton on the road from the A64 to Sheriff Hutton , just along from the Blacksmiths Arms and Elm Tree Antiques .
13 I was in this bunk , in this boat , this little cabin cruiser that belonged to God-knows-who , and the bastard who 'd stolen my dreams was in the other bunk , just along there .
14 ‘ You go to the downstairs one , Vern — it 's just along there on the left .
15 Just along from Reid 's Hotel on Estrada Monumental is the most recent firm to be established in madeira wine — Vinhos Barbeito ( Madeira ) Lda .
16 And it must have stirred memories for his father , Colin , sitting just along from Venables in the Maine Road .
17 Just along from the fish fingers .
18 It 's just along from Brighton 's Naturist Beach where you can indulge in the luxury of an all-over tan .
19 Laggan Locks , just along from the hostel , was very much the heart of the area for all our doings — and not just because it has a tearoom !
20 Birchall is n't just along for the ride — he 's an integral part of a finely-balanced three-wheel missile .
21 ‘ I 'm just along for the ride , that 's all .
22 ‘ The Cheshire Cheese is just along there , sir , ’ suggested Marshall .
23 If you want to save yourself some time with the washing there 's a launderette just along there . ’
24 ‘ My suite is just along here . ’
25 X 's secretary , formerly for eight years secretary to Judge now of the European Court of Justice and formerly an advocate who lives just along , came with me to see get the Royal Bank/Univ Alumnus of the Year Award on Saturday .
26 And erm that one was just along beyond Caernarfon here somewhere .
27 Just along here , third turning on the left . ’
28 We took the light out , just along from the stop , so it was good and dark .
29 Just along here , you say ? ’
30 ‘ The hospital is just along here . ’
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