Example sentences of "me just " in BNC.

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1 Winning the John Moores would have given me just the confidence I needed .
2 It hit me just how right Anne had been when she said that teaching was the only job I knew — and how horribly ill-equipped I was for anything else .
3 The telephones kept me just about busy but the potential for job satisfaction in the tasks I was required to do was almost nil .
4 ‘ The best thing for all of us is for me just to go back to London .
5 Suddenly it struck me just how much protection my past had given me , particularly the university lecturer bit of it .
6 I looked behind me just the same .
7 But this new research has given me just the ammunition I need .
8 For now , let me just stress :
9 Dearest friend — Let me know soon if you are quite well , and tell me just how you are feeling .
10 All my life I have seen that type of person , handsome and self-assured , who knew he could have me just by crooking a finger and beckoning me to follow .
11 She was talking to me just now , before you put your oar in .
12 Here am I , working for a glamorous journalist in a huge house in Richmond , looking after her brat of a daughter ( four-year-old Charlotte , who has her good moments but is mostly involved in a longstanding game of wear-the-au-pair-to-a-frazzle ) , when my mother needs me just as much to look after her daughter , but does n't have a big house and ca n't afford to pay .
13 ‘ I do n't think that is the right thing for me just at the moment .
14 Let me just say : I remember you and I remember Daniel .
15 The conversion went well and took me just over a week to complete .
16 We are loudly human all the way back as they light up for me just how far I had strayed .
17 ‘ Hold still now , let me just fix this … there now . ’
18 Mick and Paddy had left me just south of Adrar .
19 I caught a glimpse of something waving at me just now , but took no notice .
20 He 's just as likely to be found talking to a six-strong student society in Bangor as addressing 500 top Earth scientists in Washington ; he will have a drink with ( and on ) me just as readily ( or so he makes it appear ) as he will have lunch with ( and no doubt on ) the director of the US National Science Foundation ; if he 's not corresponding with some editor over some esoteric point of science , he 's trying to persuade the high-ups at the European Space Agency to do something adventurous in planetology for a change .
21 He told me just to run around and do some starts , which is the way I guess most athletes begin when they join a club .
22 First of all , let me just say that everything I am going to tell you is the complete and absolute truth .
23 ‘ First of all , let me just say that everything I am going to tell you is the complete and absolute truth . ’
24 Finally , one of the students whom I had worked with a couple of summers previously came back to me just before I left post to discuss his third year project at Shrivenham and I was able to arrange for him to do a project involving the linking of a commercial graphical package to the expert system developed as part of the war time operation aid mentioned previously .
25 I never saw it before you showed me just now .
26 The company refused , saying the fault was a fabrication by me just to get my money back .
27 QUADRAVERB GT plus Rolls MT80 MIDI pedal , free if you will give me just £330 for the patch lead .
28 Before you begin , let me just ask you one little question : how much do you know about the world of the contemporary carpet … ? ’
29 Twenty-four hours , Zack , give me just that … ’
30 ‘ That will suit me just fine , young lady .
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