Example sentences of "time this " in BNC.

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1 ‘ This verse described a boy who had been trembling in front of the bathroom door , but at the same time this boy was swallowed up by the verse ; it surmounted and survived him .
2 I stayed home so we 'd have time this evening .
3 From time to time this can be very beautiful but because there is a lack of continuity in the dance movement from one picture to the next , the resultant work often appears static .
4 By the time this column is read the curtain may have fallen on the empire created by George Walker , finally defeated by a £1.5bn debt burden .
5 These potatoes are round and white , a new Dutch strain , being grown in Britain for the first time this year .
6 For the first time this season , Paul Rendall and Jeff Probyn are paired together in the front row in a switch of policy aimed at tightening up the pack .
7 HAYDN-LOVERS are in for a good time this autumn : coming up are the Haydn at Esterhaza concerts at the Wigmore Hall ( part of the Magyarok Britain Salutes Hungary Festival ) ; already on display is the Haydn and England exhibition at the British Library ; and just started is the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment 's QEH Haydn series concentrating on his late choral works .
8 Last month the company warned , for the second time this year , that profits would be disappointing .
9 At one time this year the shares touched 664p .
10 Today that beacon shines more strongly than at any time this century .
11 But at the same time this form of contact can seem to other policemen and women as skiving , as even one member of the public described it to the field-worker ( FN 17/12/87 ) , p. 6 ) , although such a caricature obscures the fact that the contact often has a more meaningful purpose .
12 However with time this subsided and never once have the boots given my blisters .
13 Most of the time this isolation is what I seek , but today I just feel lonely .
14 This was the first time this season that the number one Mercedes , which suffered all weekend from a curious instability on the bumpiest section of the 2.75 mile track , did not start a WSPC race from the front row .
15 For the first time this will give contract caterers direct access to the BHRCA management .
16 Natalia Zvereva was defeated in the first round for the seventh time this year when the American Marianne Werdel beat the eighth seed from the Soviet Union 6-2 , 6-3 in the Chicago tournament .
17 Greece embarked on a fortnight of party negotiations following the failure of the two main parties to secure a clear majority in national balloting for the second time this year .
18 Not for the first time this season MrTyson needed a police escort as protesting losers surrounded him at the end .
19 Not for the first time this season their defence had been found wanting and Oldham exploited the weaknesses to the full , owing a special debt to the inspiration and tireless running of Henry and Milligan .
20 Not for the first time this season Tyson needed a police escort at the end as he was surrounded by protesting players .
21 A fall in the price of meat suggests that there is no grain to feed livestock — but by the time this happens the famine is about to begin .
22 This is only the fifth time this has happened in 20 years : the others were in 1970 , 1973 , 1974 and 1981 .
23 To keep market share , IBM has just cut prices on its PCs for the third time this year .
24 But each time this has been tried , it comes up against the apparently irreconcilable rivalries of the three figures who have dominated the French right for the past 15 years — Jacques Chirac , Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and ( to a lesser extent ) Raymond Barre .
25 Some time this year , it will have to .
26 For a time this story of Jacob at the Jabbok runs true to plot .
27 Intake of the first winter barleys was expected to be ‘ some time this week ’ , at the Woodchurch Farmers Supplies co-op not far from Mr Maylam .
28 I was fascinated to watch this , particularly as at that time this is something I could not do myself .
29 For the third time this greatest of Scottish Protestant heroes , whose name has lived for four centuries as the architect of Scottish religious life ( not to say the strict bleakness of that life ) , whose statue in Edinburgh gazed balefully down on the meeting between pope and moderator of the General Assembly of the Kirk in 1982 , and whose inordinately lofty statue in the Glasgow Necropolis lours at patients in the upper stories of the Royal Infirmary , made a strenuous effort not to return to his native country at all .
30 Wimbledon manager Joe Kinnear has been charged by the FA with misconduct for the second time this year .
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