Example sentences of "have be " in BNC.

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1 Before you start thinking about mood and atmosphere , or revving up the party machine , what you must have are the facts .
2 Concentration on the imposition of duties does not , however , distort our understanding of authority since all the other functions authorities may have are ultimately explained by reference to the imposition of duties .
3 All the superintendent must have are reasonable grounds for believing that an offence is a serious arrestable one ; this safeguard , therefore , is obviated where the police think one of these vague and undefined consequences might occur .
4 The mechanisms of control and the latitude which such schools would have are still unclear and are being studied by the Ministry of Education .
5 Any interests that animals might legitimately have are not merely ignored , they are not even considered .
6 The three main things which a measurement device must have are :
7 And the stars he does have are not going to get any better .
8 What we do have are some relatively scanty observations of the surface movements over the tropical Pacific based on volunteer observers on merchant ships .
9 Any fears you may have are , believe me , like Maidstone United , completely groundless .
10 The only " properties " that numbers can have are " relational properties " , and are moreover such as presuppose a basic parity in logical status as between related terms ( which distinguishes them , among others , from the so-called " mental " relations ) .
11 You see , you could say , surely there should n't be a weaning conflict , because an offspring should say to itself , okay , my mother wants to wean me , to have more offspring , but those offspring she 's gon na have are my siblings , I 'm very closely related to them .
12 Any additional comments you may have are welcome , but please note that this Directive is mandatory within the UK .
13 To set the problem in more concrete terms , we must seek an answer to the question as to why make and have are followed by the bare infinitive , while cause , occasion , get and all the other causatives are construed with to infinitives .
14 What you would n't have are redundancy costs , because you make people redundant and it also costs money , does n't it ?
15 the second one is that er we want to make sure that the policies you do have are doing the job that they were initially designed to do , and it 's thirteen years since you er took out the policy
16 ‘ We have lost a lot of ponds all over the country , so the ones we do have are even more important as wildlife habitats . ’
17 Two concerns that that I do have are one in in relation to the er criterion and the safeguards that might also be be put in place with the policy .
18 Without the help of ACET and other direct service organisations and charities , I would not have been able to continue and maintain my independence .
19 Without the help of ACET and other similar organisations I would not have been able to continue and maintain my independence .
20 ( He could have been infected by 1 of at least 3 different ways .
21 The length of the covenant will have been specified in the Deed , and it will terminate when the last specified annual payment has been made .
22 If you have dividend or receive bank or building society interest on which tax has been paid , tax will have been deducted at source , and this will enable you to sign a Certificate of Deduction of Tax so that ACET can obtain the advantages of covenant giving .
23 But without the help of ACET and other voluntary organisations I would not have been able to maintain my independence . ’
24 None of these people should ever have been prisoners of conscience .
25 In them he took ‘ every opportunity of recommending a rational method of study ’ , and incidentally inculcating his views of sound critical taste ; it would have been a brave student who dared to admire Carlo Maratta , after hearing that he had :
26 The author has had time to consider and reflect , so that descriptions , interpretations and evaluations will have been carefully formulated .
27 Private letters are like a conversation overheard , often more revealing than an autobiography , or than a diary which may have been written with more than half an intention of allowing it to be published .
28 According to this the picture must have been painted about 1588 , with which the style and the age of the sitter agree .
29 From a letter to Francesco Gonzaga , written in 1622 and published by A. Luzio , in which among others a self-portrait of Tintoretto is offered to him , Pittalunga argues that the Paris picture may have been the one mentioned and which formed part of Rubens 's estate .
30 ‘ Making Their Mark ’ could equally well have been called a mixed exhibition ; but this is a term more often used for a show put on by an exhibiting society , that type of artists ' organisation whose importance in Europe was created by the middle classes , who sought in the eighteenth century to buy pictures rather than give commissions , as aristocratic patrons had been accustomed to do .
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