Example sentences of "have [vb pp] " in BNC.

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1 There is a small triangular park behind it and the crowd may have spilled out from the Great Hall .
2 Frequently when the horses had finished eating they would get the bucket out of the tire and search for any grain that might have spilled underneath .
3 When Dad had knocked the bottle out of my hand some of the bleach must have spilled down my face because my right eyebrow was blonde .
4 The situation today is very muddled , software is available for both the Apple Macintosh and the IBM PC and its compatibles but even more is just around the corner and it wo n't be until towards the end of the first quarter of next year that the market will have stabilised .
5 He must have sensed that I was looking at him , he suddenly glanced at me out of the corner of his eyes and , still cleaning the mess tin with his finger , he said quietly , ‘ Why are you staring at me like that , Piper ?
6 She must have sensed that one day I would be leaving her again , and that nearly broke my heart , knowing the sadness she must feel all too well in my experiences with lovers who never stayed long but left me feeling as if part of me had been torn from my body .
7 Modigliani must have sensed the originality in the young boy 's personality even at that age ; perhaps he saw something of himself as a youth .
8 Cook may have sensed that , like a cloud of anti-matter , he was fated to destroy whatever he discovered .
9 The more immediate problem , however , was which of the two Boards ( trade or education ) should have overall authority for the juvenile side of the exchanges and Churchill may well have sensed that a controversy was brewing .
10 He must have sensed my puzzlement , for he offered a reluctant explanation .
11 I found the word tumour chilling , and he must have sensed it .
12 Reid must have sensed my dismay , for he took my arm in a friendly grip and said , ‘ Dinna take it too much to heart , Laddie , I 've done my ‘ trops ’ too .
13 We must have sensed that war was inevitable , as Birtwistle and myself had two feverish years in ‘ 38/'39 , when we made many hard ( in those days ) ascents , including a few pioneering routes .
14 He had had his rest , his metabolism responded well to an occasional crisis , he had long known there was one looming here , and he may have sensed that there were advantages , both public and private , in bringing it to a head before the end of his premiership .
15 He must have sensed the connection in his bones , for Gerard , the man of the people and one of the Chartist delegates , turns out to be a descendant of the last Abbot of Mamey , and the rightful heir to Mowbray Castle , a claim that defies all legal and moral description .
16 He should have sensed that something was wrong , but he saw the thin trail of smoke above the trees and it hardly registered in his mind .
17 He must have sensed my hesitation , his ears alert for any change in the note of the engine .
18 Even when I recognized MacQuillan and he might have sensed me looking , he did n't glance up at me .
19 Subconsciously , she must have sensed the potent effect he could have on her , an instinctive recognition of the dangerous power he would assume if once she had known his touch .
20 She shivered , only inwardly , but Luke must have sensed her recognition of these realities , because satisfaction stamped his face as he opened the door and left her .
21 She had always resented Luke , and feared the way he made her feel — because she must have sensed from the beginning the power he could and did have over her ; because he had deprived her of himself when he had had her dismissed from that very first job back in South Africa ; because something had led him to misjudge and despise her , and he was unable to see the truth ; because she had always known that he could break her heart …
22 Shifty-Eyes must have sensed something .
23 56-56 Spencer , and came right towards me looking at the ground , then looking up quick as he must have sensed me .
24 The only secret she had with Travis was about Rosemary , but , since Naylor had never heard of Rosemary , he could n't have sensed that Travis had lost his heart to her neighbour , could he ?
25 ‘ Steffine woke up and started crying I think she must have sensed there was something wrong . ’
26 For his distraught family , only hanging would have avenged the death of the father of four .
27 These omissions and transpositions indicate that Levi could well have kept to himself any plan he may have formed to end his life .
28 In addition he has stressed the crankish nature of many of its supporters and the fact that it drew that support from only a very small section of the working class — even though they may have formed a significant proportion of the BUF 's small membership of between 5,000 and 40,000 members throughout the 1930s .
29 Firstly , a young horse may not have formed a habit of accepting things as they are and automatically always behaving in the same way .
30 The brick built and slated roof mill was built around 1840–41 , in what must have formed part of the garden , and was obviously steam-powered from that date .
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