Example sentences of "could [noun] " in BNC.

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1 We need a room with a ceramic tiled floor , a central drain , so that we could hose it down . ’
2 If I could Chairman erm just a little bit erm about the erm conservatives erm proposals .
3 You could B&B somewhere , while I pitched my lonely caravan nearby . ’
4 Maybe if you told me , I could kind of suss her out .
5 Only in Britain could employers already rely on a ready-made , indeed on a largely self-made , supply of skilled men with industrial experience .
6 What difference could Barling 's death make to Berlin ? ’
7 Could Beatrice perhaps be getting a bit old in herself , ’ I had suggested , ‘ or could it perhaps be something to do with the accident she had as a child ? ’
8 Could comics be used as a vehicle to present science attractively once again ?
9 On other occasions a guerrilla could snake along such cover on his stomach , his legs pressed flat , knees to the ground as he wriggled closer to enemy positions , or — like one Corporal — he squirmed away from possible capture .
10 Could Puttnam not have done more himself to change the cultural attitude of governments ?
11 Reports from the US suggest that Covia 's software will also be snapped up by Sun Microsystems Inc , which could OEM CI as an add-on to its Open Networking Computing environment .
12 Merlyn said : ‘ What possible reason could Ben have for wanting Sabine dead ? ’
13 tried to borrow a bike for us so that we could bike round , but when she
14 Smith could yak all day in this random mode , but to the task in hand : interviewing his most favoured fellow travellers and Fall acolytes — I , Ludicrous — for the NME .
15 The failure of the insurgents to secure the country 's political and economic nerve-centres , the provision of German and Italian military aid and the resistance put up by the defenders of Republican legality had turned the insurrection into a war whose duration or outcome no one could foretell .
16 Rather could Offa have been securing himself in territory only recently recovered from Cynewulf .
17 Do you think you could Sheila ?
18 Could Colin stand ?
19 Could U N troops be sent in ?
20 Only in the bosom of the PCF could Nizan breathe freely , could he begin to function effectively .
21 How could Lisa know him so well , when she herself had been so naïvely blind ?
22 ( A passing thought : could Jenkins be persuaded to write a memoir of Wilson , on the scale of his Baldwin , perhaps , rather than a full-scale biography like his Asquith ?
23 What could Germany now do , and achieve , at sea ?
24 Also present at these meetings in various London clubs and restaurants were representatives from employers ' organizations , who recognized that to influence the Policy Unit was to influence the Prime Minister : if a minister proved unavailable , unsympathetic or intractable , they could outmanoeuvre him by enlisting Policy Unit support .
25 He could outmanoeuvre them if he wished but he could not get rid of them and he was only groping round in circles about the tree he had made his own .
26 He believed he could outmanoeuvre and trap the English King ; he too had his spy at Godstowe to keep an eye on Corbett .
27 Could biogas plants catch on in Britain ?
28 You ought to try taking some of them , honestly they 're so easy the exams are , like history , ah , talk about easy , spartan erm , you could G C S E , P E mum
29 How could Isabel read any possibility of error into that ?
30 Here one could instance people who go to the theatre as opposed to theatre administrators , people who read books rather than people in publishing , selling or lending .
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