Example sentences of "been for " in BNC.

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1 Jaromil has discovered that writing can be what reading has familiarly been for the ordinary person : an escape , a shelter , a door to the alternative self .
2 But he does all this at the cost of suspending a due sense of the tendency there has also been for poets to see further than their noses , and to speak out , and to go to the wall for it .
3 Have been for over a week .
4 During my blue period my life also seemed to become a lot more structured than it had been for a while .
5 In an effort to prevent this kind of accident ( which is almost always fatal for the tow pilot ) , the emphasis has been for pilots to keep their glider very low just after leaving the ground .
6 Across the history of policing their need has always been for the light of research to illuminate the activities of the underprivileged and the powerless , rather than focus upon the élite themselves !
7 Most of them , perhaps , were doctors , government servants of one degree or another ; a few were farmers ( I can think of one , still remembered ) and some were just friends , as I myself have been for the Bakgatia and , I hope , for the whole new country of Botswana .
8 For many lifetimes railway practice had been for locomotives and rolling stock to be downgraded or ‘ cascaded ’ from front line to secondary services .
9 Mick was less fortunate , and when I awoke in the depressing gloom of dawn , he reported that the weather was very much better than it had been for a long time .
10 The complex of disparate elements comprising academic English was always unstable , though they might have stayed together longer if it had not been for the demands of the academic environment .
11 The England that Pound mourns the loss of is , as it had been for him from the first , an integral province of western Europe , sharing a common culture with France and always reaching out , through France , to the shores of the Mediterranean .
12 But before we jump to the conclusion that Pound had simply had a brainstorm , or had been trapped by misplaced compassion for Dunning as a lame duck , we ought to consider another possibility — that imagism , and Pound 's endorsement of Ford 's insistence on ‘ the prose tradition ’ , had never been for him more than an aberration , though in the short term a very profitable one , from a way of feeling that impelled him always toward the cantabile , a proclivity that would , in the interests of melody , tolerate notably eccentric diction .
13 Yet this admission was not so grievous for Tate as it would have been for others .
14 And glory in the 1,000 Guineas may well be a lot more than just a warming winter thought because Dead Certain beat as competitive a field as there has been for a juvenile filly 's race for many years .
15 In the course of these policies , one or the other restrictive practice has been singled out as the root cause of our ills — resale price maintenance , clearing banks ' cartel , trade unions — the cry has been for their removal .
16 The heaviest betting this year has been for Shellac , a six-length winner from Sudden Victory at Ayr last time out , but the deciding factor is that Dettori originally chose to ride SPLENDID CAREER ( nap 3.35 ) , who may have been unlucky when beaten at Newbury by yesterday 's Goodwood winner Monastery .
17 Since then , however , standard procedure has been for patrols to study photographs , names and addresses of suspects before leaving security force bases .
18 Will the Italian Abbado remain musical director of the Vienna State Opera where he has been for the past three years ?
19 Egg theft would have been far worse had it not been for round-the-clock protection from the army at the end of the season .
20 If it had n't been for the Yeti , I 'd never have met Malcolm McLaren or Johnie Rotten .
21 If it had n't been for me they 'd never have nicked any guitars and there would have been no group .
22 It is worth restating how radical a leader Mrs Thatcher has been for the Conservative party .
23 She opened her eyes and was aware of being in her mother 's bed , where she had not been for over ten years .
24 If they 're offered , as they have been for years and years ever since the industrial revolution , things that have been cynically designed for the working classes , is it surprising that we have a nation of people who are supposed to have no visual standards ?
25 Forgotten was the fearful nail-biting exercise Monaghan Day had always been for the whole house ; with distance it had become large , heroic , blood-mystical , something from which the impossible could be snatched .
26 In fact they are no more adequate for primitive societies than they would have been for any others .
27 The sky was clearer than it had been for a week , and massive , but hardly elegant , Storskarfjell stood out like a white tent .
28 This in itself would hardly have been significant had it not been for a wider transformation of the adult male working class .
29 He was drinking like a fish , and had been for weeks .
30 If it had n't been for you , after my fall … . ’
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