Example sentences of "been to " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I 've been to fifteen funerals of my friends this year .
2 She is older than the rocks among which she sits ; like the vampire , she has been dead many times , and learned the secrets of the grave ; and has been a diver in deep seas , and keeps their fallen day about her ; and trafficked for strange webs with Eastern merchants ; and , as Leda , was the mother of Helen of Troy , and , as Saint Anne , the mother of Mary ; and all this has been to her but as the sound of lyres and flutes , and lives only in the delicacy with which it has moulded the changing lineaments , and tinged the eyelids and the hands .
3 Eventually , stone-cold-sober-seeming but perhaps too drunk to drive , he treks off through the dubs of a drizzle ( Thales said the world was made of water , the ‘ primary element ’ , and he handni even been to Glasgow ) back to his bachelor 's tenement flat ( Coelebs still in search of a wife ) .
4 Incidentally , have you been to the kibbutz library yet ?
5 You ca n't imagine how much of a help you 've been to me .
6 ‘ You 've been to a lot of trouble over this , Paul , thank you .
7 I 'd never been to her place before .
8 Furthermore , people vary in their tolerance from day to day , and it is not safe to assume that because you have been to 15,000 feet or so without oxygen before , you will be able to do it again .
9 I pointed out that I had not been to the polytechnic , but had been to Durham University on a scholarship — only the second the force had been awarded .
10 I pointed out that I had not been to the polytechnic , but had been to Durham University on a scholarship — only the second the force had been awarded .
11 Any conference she 'd been to , everyone wound up in her room long after midnight , playing poker and spouting Bacardi bullshit , wine-bottle wisdom .
12 And she knew how urgent and fervent their kisses had been , how close Lucy had been to abandoning whatever it was that held her back , made her withhold her beautiful body .
13 His sons have been to every place and farm along the Tummel .
14 You 're not English and you 've never even been to England . ’
15 The General Household Survey found that in one month in 1985 , out of people aged 65 and over , 34% had seen their doctor ; 5% had seen a nurse ; 1% had seen a health visitor ; 11% had seen a chiropodist ( footcare ) : 9% had seen a home help ; 2% had received meals on wheels ; and 5% had been to a day centre .
16 ‘ I 've been to something like two dozen breweries in Belgium .
17 There are 80 organic wines on his list ( ‘ no chemicals so less chance of a hangover ’ ) and he 's been to loads of vineyards to make sure production is as natural as possible without actually treading the grapes .
18 If you 've been to a puppy party you 'll know how much fun it can be to train your pup in a positive and natural way .
19 Max has been to numerous rehearsals with his celebrity owner and once appeared on breakfast TV .
20 He has actually been to the actual America — and come back .
21 But I incline to think that our grandfathers and grandmothers were in the right of it , and that no one can claim to understand Wordsworth who has not been to Hawkshead and Ambleside .
22 Mr Lewis had been to Spain
23 When it came to subordinate males , however , there was a strong relationship between how nice males had been to infants and how likely they were to be attacked by the female : nicer males fared better .
24 He is Joseph Zappala , a Florida property developer , who has never been to Spain and perhaps , more to the point , speaks no Spanish .
25 As Elijah Moshinsky looked out from the roof-top coffee shop of the plush hotel overlooking Plymouth Hoe — in which he is ensconced during rehearsals of Shadowlands — he confessed that this was the first time he had been to Plymouth in his life .
26 Mr Gray said the Distone order had not been to V Corps , but to the neighbouring XIII Corps , and Lord Aldington had been correct to follow the Robertson order .
27 We have never been to Treasury to ask for funds for more than 20 .
28 Since May 1980 , nearly 1,250 applicants have been to the board .
29 Nearly 55 per cent of people who have been in higher education had been to the theatre in the survey period , but fewer than 19 per cent of those who left school at 16 .
30 He has n't got a map and has never been to Bayswater before .
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