Example sentences of "been [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The only consistent area of preference in British policy has been satellites ; the other two major components of launchers and ground stations have ( contrary to French doctrine ) been left to others .
2 The only witnesses had been Sarah 's stepmother , and an ecclesiastic colleague who envied him his good fortune .
3 There had been profiles of him that suggested that he was a jogger who had been bitten by one of Alex ‘ Down Sir ’ Snell 's pit-bulls .
4 In the past we have been able to help out when there have been settlement and clearing difficulties and are ready to do the same again . ’
5 Not only do documents name sites , but often settlement earthworks remain and areas of ridge and furrow , meadow , and so on demonstrate where it is unlikely that there has been settlement .
6 A sliver of white that must 've been teeth .
7 The first four should perhaps have been Giants , although the number of good female reads is a bit too heavy in April .
8 A few admitted that there had been excesses .
9 She admitted there had been excesses .
10 The key feature of associative learning is that , unlike habituation or sensitization , it is a long-lasting effect , and all the mechanisms discussed so far have been transients .
11 There has also been centralization in the public services .
12 Before his reorganisation began , " Kitty " Laidlaw , who had been Allan Hayhurst 's right-hand support for twenty-nine years and had latterly served the BDA in the capacity of administrative Secretary in the office at Carlisle , decided to retire .
13 The times and places of striking advance in productivity have by no means generally been times and places of educational advance ; nor , where they have been , is it clear whether this is cause and effect or , if so , which is cause and which effect .
14 However , there have been times in the recent past when 50 per cent of the artists selling and succeeding in the USA have been British .
15 But she admits : ‘ Yes , there have been times of anger and frustration for me as well as Jack .
16 There 's been times , erm , other things , usually something unconnected with the music . ’
17 There may have been times during your working life when you have not , either knowingly or unwittingly , paid national insurance contributions .
18 There had been times in her life when she had been — if not happy , then content .
19 Having said that , there have been times , one particular occasion in the west of Ireland I remember only too well , when after four days of heavy rain , I would have swapped tent , pack , pots and all for a warm bed and a hot bath .
20 ‘ There have been times since it ended when I gave up hope of ever eating food like this again . ’
21 There had been times , after all , while he 'd been serving his stretch in prison that he really had wondered whether he had hallucinated it all ; wondered whether he was losing his mind .
22 Not that those centuries had been times of uninterrupted peace .
23 There had been times , especially after a long busy night at the club , when she had been severely tempted to just throw in the towel and thumb through the Yellow Pages to find the nearest painter and decorator to hand .
24 But all he could discover was that Gustav 's roadname had been Schickert , and the marriage certificate at Sangerhausen . ’
25 Ill-defined THE BITER then can consider himself to have been bit , if not torn up and mutilated .
26 I tell you , after a long life of many escapes , many dramas which might have been tragedies , what I want and would value most is to be free to choose as much of my life as is given to me — to live it by my own lights , Mary , to do , insofar as God wills it , what I want to do to the very hilt and limit . ’
27 I know nothing about Mr McLachlan he does not appear in Who 's Who : whether he hails from Scotland , Ireland , Korea or Czechoslovakia ; whether he is Catholic , Presbyterian or Buddhist ; whether he is married with children ( sorry , kids ) or celibate ; whether there have been tragedies in his life , or whether it has been an uninterrupted progression to his present exalted situation .
28 Yet when I emerged from that heaven-haven of sexual absolution , I would feel guilty , frightened , torn between happiness at being liberated from overwhelming sexual tension and the scared wonder of the events , as if they had been rituals in a half-remembered primitive religion .
29 ‘ You 've been ages , ’ said Elinor , as he and Maisie trudged up the steps .
30 ‘ Have we been ages ?
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