Example sentences of "been [adv prt] " in BNC.

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1 In March 1922 ‘ snobbish clerks ’ on the Moscow Kursk line , which had been on of the most revolutionary , in 1905 and 1917 , were refusing to attend meetings where common signalman and the like were to be found .
2 They had been on to the energy crisis , for example , years before it hit politics .
3 I caught the next one and as we arrived at Geneva we were told the flight before — the one I should have been on — had been blown up by a terrorist bomb .
4 PET ‘ HOTEL HATES ’ ( THE FREQUENT ONES ) * narrow stairs and no lifts * low shower pressure * telephone kiosks built for left-handed midgets * only one plug , down on the floor under the bed and 5AMP * hairdryers on 1m fixed lead from the floor socket 3m away from wall mirror facing opposite direction * just two 40 watt lamps to read and work by * toilet rolls positioned for contortionists only * room service that brings each course separately throughout Dallas * radiators that have n't been on for years * radiators that wo n't go off * basins that take half an hour to empty after you 've cleaned your teeth and you want to shave * stoppers that hang under the cold water tap but do n't reach the drain * stoppers that have no chain so you wallow in the dirty water to find them * toilets where you can sit down or close the door but not both
5 IT WAS the middle of the week when the Marui Pipeline Masters should have been on and was n't that I ran into Pottz in D'Amicos .
6 She 's been on about the Brownies ever since she was seven , the age at which Granny says girls can join . ’
7 ‘ We were offered a gig at a festival in Denmark , which we did n't know anything about , turned up with the gear , and we were on after BB King , and before Robert Cray , plus Bob Dylan was on later on — definitely not the worst billing we 've ever been on .
8 ‘ So that 's what you blokes have been on about , ’ he said , newly converted …
9 I suspect , though , there can be no doubt about which side she would have been on in the public debate about fox-hunting prompted by last week 's Private Member 's Bill .
10 But , apart from a winter break , whatever is planned around the 23rd relates to one specific plan or association which has been on and off for several months and is now back on again .
11 ‘ The extra few days off helped Gough , but it was n't my intention to play him at Aberdeen if the midweek game had been on . ’
12 It must have been on or about 25 June , before the others had come .
13 ‘ The girl must be busy ’ , ‘ the maintenance course she had been on was probably gruelling ’ , or ‘ she was still too upset to put pen to paper ’ .
14 Fraser said wearily , ‘ Have you been on to Dublin ? ’
15 ‘ On a machine that no nome has been on for fifteen thousand years ? ’ said Masklin .
16 It just would n't have been on , even if the thought had , inadvertently , crossed his busy mind .
17 They must have been on to her or somebody 's given her away , one or t' other , 'cos it must have been a set-up cop .
18 Branch has been on .
19 Well I , I 've been on to world wom women 's committee and they assure me that they , the hospital says these tests should come through in a week , at the most three week 's , but you can phone them , so that certainly has improved , there does n't seem to be a back log .
20 I 've been on at my husband to get a fitted carpet in this room because this lino drives me mad .
21 Can I also say that the erm the fear expressed about Woolwich , I believe to be fairly well founded Woolwich building , a Woolwich er , Building Society had been on erm , entered into a long time ago on this erm and the letter that was read out at Potter Street area committee from Woolwich indicated that they had n't yet decided whether they would proceed and er I think is I 've talked to the publican since they have promised us an answer this week er we are intending , we have spoken , Dermot 's also spoken to our managing director we are confident we will have an answer from this week and I have to tell you that I think the answer will either no , or it will be so hazy that we 'll need to take some action and make a decision .
22 Are you with us , darling ? ’ she enquired of William , watching with interest as his mind returned , startled , from whatever journey it had been on , the glazed eyes focusing , with puzzlement at first , then dawning recognition .
23 And , backing this melodic chorus , we were aware of another noise — as we had been on and off throughout the day — the all-pervasive hum of the power station transformers .
24 He had dropped through the hole into a corridor that looked typical of every space station Ace had ever been on .
25 The space station , like every space station she 'd ever been on , had had its own almost imperceptible vibration and hum .
26 Crime Squad officers had quickly been on to the address in Wiltshire Lane .
27 He remarked however that there was little to choose between kitchen and living-room in respect of air , since the oven had been on since dawn .
28 Has n't Mam been on about it every day this week ? ’
29 This is quite often the cause of the ‘ 1701 — hard disk error ’ reported during Power On Self Test when the drive is cold which miraculously seems to cure itself when the system has been on for a while and the drive has warmed up ’ .
30 Witnesses er who 've who 've been on to us have described seeing five people dead , and at least three wounded who were being rushed to hospital .
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