Example sentences of "'s just " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps radio will allow me to play all the unsuitable roles that I ca n't do visually in the theatre , where it 's just the voice and the character .
2 Which was right be had no resemblance to what is commercially thought of a typecasting in any way — it 's just that the mixture was right with Simon Callow .
3 Every morning it 's just the same routine .
4 It 's just that I could never remember it afterwards , and anyway everyone seemed to pronounce it differently .
5 You 're perfectly capable of teaching ; it 's just that you 've now got this thing about it . ’
6 It 's just that none of us actually knows how to go about it . ’
7 ‘ It 's just the vision of Matthews and Barnett buying those flowers .
8 Why Martha transferred the money before she put her apron on I do n't know — I suppose it 's just that everyone has their own little routines for doing things .
9 It 's just , this is n't her shift , you know .
10 ‘ All these things recently , I do n't know if it 's just bad luck or me being stupid or what . ’
11 It 's just , you 're my idea of someone who this sort of thing would never happen to .
12 ‘ No , she 's just an old flatmate of mine , that 's all .
13 It 's just from the way it came out , I thought you meant you decided to jack it all in and hit the road .
14 I know I 'm not in a position to be choosy , but I ca n't cope with the idea of living there — it 's just beyond
15 To you it 's just home , but to me it 's the place I 've been trying to get to .
16 Actually , as far as I can gather , it 's just their jargon for a bedsit house .
17 One person living there has to be a Sally Ann person of some sort , but otherwise it 's just everyone with their own room but sharing kitchen and bathroom .
18 One thing , though , the other residents have to ‘ vote you in ’ as it were — it 's just to make sure we do n't set up any violent personality clashes , that 's all .
19 ‘ Oh , do n't worry , ’ Peter interjected , ‘ that 's just part and parcel of everything .
20 one of my sections in the subdivision is thinking of declaring UDI [ unilateral declaration of independence ] from the Divisional Headquarters … as for Headquarters and the Force organizational structure , well that 's just a joke as far as these men are concerned .
21 ‘ It 's just one of those things .
22 ‘ It 's just I see all this pain and shit , and it 's all my fault . ’
23 It 's just not going to work . ’
24 Shit , I 'm trying to talk myself out of it , it 's just when I see her … ’
25 He 's just your type .
26 It 's just that … well , I need to feel touched by a topic , connected .
27 It 's just that the powers that be treat us teachers like dirt .
28 it 's just about dark and Harriet 's hair flies out and glimmers as she moves her head .
29 No doubt there are modern adepts who might scoff at our amateur efforts , but that 's just what we were , amateurs struggling in a land for the E6 leader or the A3 and A4 aider , without being able to do either .
30 This is the mental adjustment that has to be made at Verdon — you start your route with several hundred metres already below you , but once you rationalise this it 's just a steep , very solid crag !
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