Example sentences of "were be " in BNC.

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1 The father , for reasons put forward by Miss McCreath connected with his own situation and his wish to as it were be forgiven for his past behaviour , and in the hopes of showing that he can in the future notwithstanding his past behaviour be contemplated as somebody to play a röle in the life of his children , supports the making of an interim care order or does not oppose it because he acknowledges that there should be supervision by the plaintiffs .
2 On Dec. 12 , 1991 , the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) approved standby credit of SDR75,000,000 ( about US$105 million ) for 1992 in support of Ecuador 's programme of economic reform ; 25 per cent of each of the five disbursements were be set aside for possible debt-reduction schemes agreed with Ecuador 's commercial bank creditors .
3 Talks between Russian officials and a high-level delegation led by the foreign secretary J. N. Dixit , who arrived in Moscow on Feb. 13 , ended with the signing of a bilateral trade agreement under which goods exchanged were be valued in dollars but paid for in rupees , pending a settlement of the rupee-rouble exchange rate .
4 Er it would be some of the bodies I think oh er wait a minute I 'm trying to think what the casting were be used for there were other things besides locks you see I forget what they the , I know they used to do the castings and the brass castings it would be for the locks , for the locks yeah
5 I mean , were , were be in a totally different situation .
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