Example sentences of "were for " in BNC.

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1 The majority were for law and were greeted by applause in an assembly of the staff and students .
2 Helmets and unbelted tunics were for the despised ‘ county men ’ , ‘ those sheep-dippers up the road in the sticks ’ whom we continually used to reassert our own status by looking on them as ‘ hicksville country cousins ’ and definitely not ‘ real polises ’ .
3 But so did they : friends were for fun and solace .
4 Friends were for life .
5 That 's what holidays were for — looking at your toes , wandering on the beach , hours of sitting and staring , standing and staring , lying as long as you could bear in the sun with eyes closed .
6 On one of his afternoon strolls ( mornings were for work , once he had completed his domestic chores laid down by Stella ) , he chanced on Bank Street , in the East End .
7 He had demanded exorbitant fees for his speaking engagements and billed the Socialist Labor Party for theatre tickets and corsages which he claimed were for Eleanor .
8 The only orders for new diesel locomotives placed during the 1970s and 1980s , were for locomotives designed specifically to haul freight .
9 The story is an intricate one , as Herbert Schneidau acknowledges ; and Pound 's holding out against Ford for the Dantesque principle of a ‘ curial ’ diction ( see his introduction to the poems of Lionel Johnson ) represents to my mind an objection that can still be raised to Ford 's principles of diction , salutary as Ford 's polemics undoubtedly were for Pound at this time .
10 After this , Pound 's relations with England and the English were for the most part an aspect of his relations with that one of his erstwhile protégés who had become , surprisingly , a pillar of the English establishment — Eliot , editor of the Criterion .
11 The arrests were for alleged public order , criminal damage or drugs offences .
12 The better of them were for viola alone , including Brian Cherney 's Shekhinah , in its first performance : this alternates furious tremolando , sudden violent attack , and wistful melody , invented or quoted .
13 Other hallowed encounters which I enjoyed , such as London Irish v Bedford , were for diversion merely .
14 Janacek writes words as he writes music — the two were for him virtually indivisible , and in these abrupt , epigrammatic paragraphs , sometimes brutally down to earth , sometimes fanciful , you can hear him talking — often shouting in your ear .
15 Postmarks were for the most part no further north than the Midlands .
16 The IFS report Counting People With Low Incomes said that refusal ‘ does nothing to allay fears that the changes were for political rather than bona fide methodological reasons ’ .
17 ‘ I 've never been one for doctors , and hospitals were for visiting other people , ’ he said .
18 Our survey shows that highbrow readers rated their papers no more useful for them than the lowbrow papers were for their readers ( Table 6.11 ) .
19 The sections were for agitation , public works , public feeding , the investigation and procurement of resources , and after February 1922 , a special section for the removal of church treasures .
20 The effect of high interest rates and a ‘ petro-pound ’ was to strengthen sterling ; the consequences were for exports to sag and for inflationary pressure to increase rather than diminish .
21 It might seem that so artificial a superiority was certain to prove as transient as the hegemonies that it had replaced , although those in whose hands power lay were for the most part undaunted by the new challenges to Britain 's position that they sensed …
22 The back two rows of seats , from which every alternate arm rest had been removed , were for ‘ Couples Only ’ .
23 It was less clear what their ultimate intentions were for the company .
24 The development plans which they produced in the first decade of independence were for the most part competent , well thought out and well presented .
25 Consequently , relations between African countries and international companies were for twenty years characterized by a battle to take some degree of national control .
26 Boats were for hire by the hour and they had rowed on the lake .
27 The purpose served by the two massive exhaust cowlings is less clear , but it 's unlikely Bugatti would test them if they were for styling reasons only .
28 Of the 655 ‘ leaf-spring ’ Cobras built ( including the 75 original 260s ) , only 61 were officially listed as being for European consumption , and of course not even all of those were for Britain .
29 He sent the paintings but none were for sale .
30 The Arup scheme held centre stage , but the public , whose views were for once solicited , showed a very definite preference for the Simpson plan .
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