Example sentences of "n't be " in BNC.

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1 S1 : No I ai n't am I Sharon ?
2 I have n't been doing much baking lately . ’
3 ‘ I have n't been sleeping well , lately . ’
4 ‘ Mrs Iverson had n't been beastly to Miss Amy hall , I take it ? ’
5 I was indeed rather dubious about the whole idea , but we had n't been getting very far and there seemed to be no harm in just finding out some more about it .
6 Happily , there has n't been any problem with the pernicious perennial weeds I find elsewhere in the garden , such as the deep-rooting bindweed and ground elder .
7 We have n't been able to locate anyone who makes exactly that bird house ( it may even have been especially made ) .
8 I have n't been very successful with my aubergines the last couple of years , as they keep being eaten by caterpillars .
9 If your bike is second-hand , or has n't been used for a while , then it 's important to check that it 's safe to ride .
10 ‘ No , ’ said Lucy , ‘ I have n't been fair to you .
11 Thirdly , the coach is in the business of picking winners , not his friends , so if you have n't been selected , you have to admit to yourself that perhaps you did n't deserve to be .
12 I have n't been in the least difficult about your doing all that sewing .
13 ‘ Amanda , I have n't been sleeping well . ’
14 And we ca n't light a fire , the chimney has n't been swept . ’
15 Here , you have n't been drinking . ’
16 I continue to be surprised all those little panes of glass have n't been smashed in , but a metal door comes down at night and the neighbourhood is full of tourists anyway .
17 It was as if he were memorizing her life so he could sail to New York , adopt a different accent , and claim to be a long lost relative due a piece of her fortune which had n't been considerable and might all be gone now .
18 ‘ What you have to do if there is an accident — and there has n't been one , thank heavens — is keep the spilled PCBs out of watercourses , because they would accumulate in the fat of organisms which came into contact with them .
19 That has n't been sold ’ .
20 At which poor Jack Rogers — a former bricklayer and union leader , and the member of the executive taking the can back as he replied to the debate — innocently protested they had n't been drunk , they had n't even had a cup of tea .
21 ‘ It 's because I have n't been winning for a while and I am desperate .
22 ‘ I would rather it had n't been him , but he 's done it plenty of times to me , ’ was the answer .
23 ‘ The most difficult thing in a situation like this , ’ says Jacques , ‘ is to find words that have n't been used already in a Feydeau farce , ’ as though imitating Feydeau 's words and situations was something that any fool could do .
24 One song reveals the damaging influence on their minds of their sojourn in London : ‘ Soccer Fan ’ is a peon of praise to Everton 's midfield cruncher , Norman Whiteside. l CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT Get Ahead ( Mercury ) You can tell that Curiosity Killed The Cat have n't been around for some time .
25 Alison was n't keen to take hers , but I managed to persuade her , pointing out that since I had n't been asked for any more money these were almost certainly aspirins .
26 It has n't been much of a week for my wife either ; she now sees little prospect of winning back even a beefburger space in the deep freeze .
27 Mr Healey said that Labour , always having had a majority of men , would have won every election since 1922 if women had n't been given the vote .
28 Like I was saying to one of the men in the section who has n't been that co-operative , like , I 'm only here for a year and you all know more than I will ever know about policing .
29 Surely the old Frenchman and his family have n't been killed !
30 As we journeyed back across the Orne bridges , I looked around at the happy faces in the truck ; up until now , there had n't been much to laugh about .
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