Example sentences of "had been " in BNC.

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1 ACET 's local representative , Ana Ureche , reported that she was ‘ greatly encouraged ’ that course participants had been lecturing to schools and other groups and had passed much of the literature obtained form the course to other colleagues for their use .
2 In April AI learned that warrants had been issued for the arrest of two police officers and a civilian in connection with the killing of 17-year-old Anstraum Aman Villagrán Morales .
3 Some of the bodies showed signs of torture and in many cases personal documents had been removed to prevent identification .
4 Many political prisoners who had been sentenced to death or life imprisonment after unfair trials following the 1980 coup will continue to serve sentences of up to 20 years .
5 Reporting back after a two-week visit to Kuwait , an AI fact-finding team said scores of victims had been killed and hundreds more had been arbitrarily arrested , many brutally tortured by Kuwaiti armed forces and members of ‘ resistance ’ groups since 26 February .
6 Reporting back after a two-week visit to Kuwait , an AI fact-finding team said scores of victims had been killed and hundreds more had been arbitrarily arrested , many brutally tortured by Kuwaiti armed forces and members of ‘ resistance ’ groups since 26 February .
7 They had been held in the Military Prison outside Kuwait City , some for over a month , reportedly in deplorable conditions .
8 In November 1990 he had been arrested in connection with a protest by women in Riyadh against a ban on women drivers .
9 A prisoner of conscience had been freed in Spain .
10 A Christmas card sent to him by an AI member in Switzerland had been returned marked ‘ Consigned is free ’ .
11 Her family heard she had been taken to the Regional Command Military camp in Legaspi City .
12 In 1983 AI learned of the release of a group of Jehovah 's Witnesses who had been held without trial since 1978 .
13 No reply was received but the group later heard that Bashir had been released .
14 Then earlier this year the group received a reply from another prisoner at Shalla who had been given their letter to Bashir by mistake .
15 The letter-writer is an orthopaedic surgeon who was taken off a plane as he was about to make a short visit to the UK where he had been a post-graduate student .
16 In the Philippines last year , an investigation team found two ‘ disappeared ’ women who had been missing for several months .
17 There are numerous examples of the poor quality of court-appointed lawyers ; John Young went to his death even though his trial lawyer had signed an affidavit admitting he had been ill-prepared at trial due to drug use , the recent break-up of his marriage and the discovery of his own homosexuality ; another attorney had his breath checked by the judge for signs of alcohol , another was found to be in contempt of court after arriving back from lunch drunk … and so I could go on .
18 Her mother was only about 21 at the time — she had been married when only 13 .
19 Sadly , the notes referred to money and medicines that had been sent by the family but not received in the prison .
20 The police had been asked by the organizers of the vigil to provide protection after an incident earlier in the evening when about 200 suspicious-looking men appeared outside the house where the vigil was being held .
21 He was afraid of being sent back to Ethiopia , where close family members had been imprisoned and tortured .
22 Walter Pater was a master of atmosphere ; he had been inspired as a young man by Ruskin , and his idealism about art and his fine prose were in turn much admired by a younger generation of aesthetes , among whom Oscar Wilde was a prominent figure .
23 She is looking for critical views against which to pitch her own ; it seems that she may have chosen the wrong sort of topic , since on a holiday in Italy she had been stunned by the newly renovated Michelangelo ceiling in the Sistine Chapel in Rome , and although there were plenty of books about it , many of them went into extravagant detail .
24 Some of the main efforts of historians in the first decades of the twentieth century had been directed to putting order into a mass of material , analysing works and documents , and establishing historical data .
25 Her National Gallery choices of pictures were examples of problems posed to artists by colour , and in a video talk she demonstrated how these artistic problems had been solved .
26 Some commentators have complained that Clark 's title , Civilisation , was misleading , as only Western arts were treated ; but even if Clark had been willing to take on world art , costs would no doubt have prevented such a grandiose project .
27 Animal Painting in Britain was the title of a book by Basil Taylor , where he explained in his first chapter that the topic had been neglected since it was either assumed to be about sporting pictures , or about pictures of horses by such specialists as Sartorius .
28 Although I had been informed that the present French artists were low in merit , I did not expect to find them , with little exception , so totally devoid of it .
29 ‘ Making Their Mark ’ could equally well have been called a mixed exhibition ; but this is a term more often used for a show put on by an exhibiting society , that type of artists ' organisation whose importance in Europe was created by the middle classes , who sought in the eighteenth century to buy pictures rather than give commissions , as aristocratic patrons had been accustomed to do .
30 What was perhaps most crucial to the success of Impressionism in financial terms was its modern stance , as closely identified with contemporary life at the turn of the century as Romanticism had been fifty years before .
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