Example sentences of "had for " in BNC.

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1 As already mentioned , the Irish bishops had for some time found the separation of church and state both a workable and desirable solution .
2 Almost as many people turned up for me as had for Youngman .
3 She also turned out to be the last close friend I had for an awfully long time .
4 And since her birthday , she had been seeing more of Dionne than she had for years .
5 In this poem we see their shared Jewishness , and the ‘ irreverence ’ ( as some would see it ) they each had for the Tradition — at least for that view of it which some espoused ; we also see a shared disdain for rabbinic ( and priestly ) logic , to them both a form of mental death .
6 He has memorialised their encounter and its temporary effect upon his deeper self , the depths of feeling he had for her , in his significantly titled poem ‘ Destiny ’ ( Flowers for Hitler ) :
7 The two Bangladeshi boys I had for remedial English all this year .
8 HONG KONG — China reacted angrily yesterday to Hong Kong 's decision to move a centrally-located British naval base to an outlying island , a switch apparently designed to undercut any plans China had for a high-profile military presence after 1997 , writes Kevin Hamlin .
9 Later , over a mug of tea , I asked Mick about the message he had for me .
10 The old abrasiveness over the community budget had for the moment disappeared .
11 She had for nearly a month washed fanatically , with all the clarity and determination of which five-year-olds are capable .
12 Hepworth gives an account of the process of developing a script that reveals how undynamic was his approach to screenwriting , as well as how low a regard he had for writers :
13 Evidence , particularly Mr Knapp 's , proved ‘ how deep was the mistrust and suspicion employer had for union and union had for employer ’ .
14 Evidence , particularly Mr Knapp 's , proved ‘ how deep was the mistrust and suspicion employer had for union and union had for employer ’ .
15 In November 1983 Milan Kundera wrote an essay for Le Débat , in which he argued that Russia could never really be considered part of Europe because it had for so long been dominated by Caesaropapism , where the civil emperor is also the supreme religious leader .
16 Even so , the significance it has for Hobbes is nothing like that which it had for Bacon .
17 She was known to all in the French Quarter for her good looks , her own hard-luck story ( two marriages , two troubled kids , a problem with drink ) and the soft spot she had for the hard-luck stories of others , poets in particular .
18 It 's the name I had for you when you were a baby . ’
19 Gloria came every day , just as she had for Baby .
20 Her heart was beating wildly as it had for days whenever the telephone bell rang anywhere she happened to be .
21 The former view tends to ignore the fact that the Labour Party was deeply-rooted in trade-union politics before 1914 , while the latter overlooks the great potential which the war had for destroying old values and arrangements .
22 Government-approved ‘ mousetrap ’ had for so long banished regional English cheeses , for instance , that they were given up for dead .
23 Whatever initial reasons people had for being attracted to Ian Paisley as a politician , the main reason for their support was their commitment to the principles he enunciated .
24 Crevecoeur had for a brief , intoxicating time enjoyed intimate relations with Ms Micklemas , an affair whose firepower had been skyfilling and radiant and whose energy devoured itself within two weeks .
25 In many towns they had for generations lived peaceably with , and often trusted by , their Christian neighbours .
26 As strange as it sounds , the great popularity of Hitler already before the war had for the most part little to do with fanatical belief in the central tenets of the Hitlerian racial-imperialist ‘ world-view ’ , and even less to do with belief in the Party , whose leader he was .
27 But these and similar reports indicated that , at any rate in such traditionally Catholic conservative areas where Nazism had only partially penetrated the existing sub-culture though where approval of Hitler had for the most part been completely unreserved between about 1938 and 1940 , the gulf between propaganda image and actual reality was now rapidly becoming blatantly obvious .
28 A situation report from Hesse in March 1936 expressly mentions the opinion , allegedly widely held among the population in the area , though undoubtedly reflecting above all the views of Party activists , ‘ that the Führer had for outward appearances to ban individual actions against the Jews in consideration of foreign policy , but in reality was wholly in agreement that each individual should continue on his own initiative the fight against Jewry in the most rigorous and radical form ’ .
29 She was living with her boyfriend as she had for the last eight years and the hospital team were quite happy to talk to him about the proposed care plan for her .
30 I had been asked the previous year by the Intendant , von Benda , in an arrangement they had for young conductors , but there was no rehearsal , so I declined .
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