Example sentences of "we [be] " in BNC.

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1 Have n't we been home loads to times to where Granny and all your cousins …
2 I mean , what have we been doing ? ’
3 We been saving for months !
4 Never had we been so pleased to see a house and a coal fire , and to have a warm welcome !
5 What have we been doing this past week at Inveraray , eh ?
6 BACK FROM BEYOND : Have we been here before ?
7 Only once in the last ten years , in 1983 , have we been placed in the first three .
8 But what have we been but Frank and Saracen , yoked like camel and ass to the plough ?
9 Not only have we been successful in raising the level of understanding of AI , expert systems in particular , but we have also now got several people within the Branch who have practical knowledge of applying the techniques ; although not necessarily active in the field at the moment , this expertise must pay dividends in the future .
10 ‘ Why have n't we been affected up to now ? ’
11 How many times on a visit to families in the neighbourhood , before being offered a cup of tea , had we been taken around a house — ‘ The grand tour again , ’ sighed Dad — to admire knocked-through rooms , cunning cupboards and bunkbeds , showers , coal bunkers and greenhouses .
12 Have n't we been here before ?
13 Why have we been flooded ? — The gods did it .
14 ‘ Have we been ages ?
15 Or have we been addressing the Chairman all along ?
16 Have we been the cups , if so .
17 Had we been as free from the fetters of manpower planning as Field when we negotiated the new deal the problem could have been solved overnight .
18 Nor have we been able to reassemble our group of school informants to renegotiate their accounts in the light of other things we know about schoolrooms in particular and young people in general .
19 We been in Cowley nick so many times they keep a special room for us and inside it 's got Eddie and Rich written on the walls — and they do n't bother to clean it off 'cos they know we 'll be back and write it up again …
20 This meant a descent and , had we been going on through , the Pyrenees would have grounded us .
21 Clearly it is of prime importance to know how and why this dramatic reversal of traditional attitudes has occurred , and to ask ourselves the question why our approval of democracy should be so automatic and unhesitating when , had we been born a century or so earlier , we would have been equally unhesitating in disclaiming any support for so dangerous and radical a notion .
22 we been trying to fight that but
23 We been through your pockets .
24 Had we been animals we would have hunted co-operatively , bred regularly and protected one another rigorously .
25 ‘ What have we been overlooking ? ’
26 Have we been expelled from an arcadia of fun where nature provided us with innocent automata , lowing and braying machines for our amusement ?
27 Never before have we been so potent , not even in New York when we were combing nurses out of our hair .
28 The Spirit is his parting gift to the Church to make his presence as real to them as if they were listening to him teaching beside the Sea of Galilee : and the Spirit can do more for us than ever Jesus could have done had we been his contemporaries .
29 ’ How badly have we been hit ? ’
30 Yet let us always beware of jumping to conclusions , of assuming too readily that those experienced parliamentary draftsmen did not know their business and , perhaps above all , of attributing legislative intention too readily simply because we think that we , the judges , had we been the legislators , would have found such an intention sensible or morally or politically desirable .
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