Example sentences of "recognised for " in BNC.

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1 This has been recognised for some time , perhaps most articulately in France , as one of the attainments to be expected from a top-class academic teacher and researcher , with an outstanding ability in accurate communication with the men ( and women ) in the street : haute popularisation .
2 You have to sympathise , because all he wants to do is establish himself in his own right , in his own style and ultimately be recognised for that .
3 Three other captains are recognised for their services .
4 For the first time , preparatory Tutorial Classes became eligible for grant-aid and the Advanced Tutorial Class extending into a fourth year was formally recognised for financial support .
5 … that after paying at least a dozen visits to Cambridge and engaging in the most unpleasant negotiations I have ever had in my life , we have managed to retain recognition as a body which is normally recognised for Chapter III powers and obtained an agreement which the University people hate like poison .
6 EXPORT AWARDS : Local firms recognised for export endeavours .
8 Indeed , the role of fibrinogen in platelet aggregation has been recognised for many years ( Born & Cross , 1964 ; Brinkhaus et al , 1965 ) .
9 Apparently it has been recognised for over a decade that chlorine from chlorofluorocarbons may deplete the stratospheric ozone layer .
10 Established in 1985 Red Water Arts is recognised for its work in a variety of community and educational settings using drama , music and a whole range of visual arts .
11 The first drug to be recognised for its antimalarial effects was quinine , which found its way into the British Pharmacopaea as early as 1677 .
12 Austrian wines are at last being recognised for their quality and interest : try Winzerhaus Gruner Veltliner , 1991 .
13 We demand that our work should be recognised for what it is — we produce and reproduce in other people and ourselves the ability to work and go on working , we produce labour power .
14 For someone who never expected to be officially recognised for her work , the BEM is ample reward .
15 The committees should be recognised for their technical development within the profession .
16 The need for such a centre has been recognised for some time .
17 It had been recognised for some time that only through rationalisation into larger productive and distributive units could the movement overcome the damaging rivalries among societies in the same neighbourhood , and through economies of scale promote further growth .
18 The seven languages recognised for the purposes of broadcasting in addition to English were also used in primary school education , at political rallies and in local newspapers published by the Zambian Information Services .
19 But they should be recognised for what they try to achieve : quality and democratisation of the media .
20 Ageing skin , a problem recognised for centuries but one never properly understood , until today .
21 The importance of the environmentally fragile coastal zone has been recognised for some time , and in response to growing concern for coastal environments under pressure , a new group has been set up in BGS to draw on the experience of land and marine geologists , sedimentologists and coastal engineers The geology of a strip round the coast of the United Kingdom , which in places extends several kilometres offshore , is largely unexplored .
22 The importance of the coastal zone has been recognised for some time , and a new group has now been formed in BGS in response to growing concern for the environments under pressure in this potentially fragile area .
23 Recognised for its healing , therapeutic properties for centuries , water is the basis of many treatments at Hoar Cross Hall .
24 Such courses may be of interest to you as a returner but they are not the same as re-entry programmes , and would not be recognised for the same purpose if you ever had to provide evidence of an updating course to your National Board .
25 Dubroca 's outburst — totally out of character for a player recognised for his sense of fair play and a captain admired for his commitment — though indefensible , was perhaps understandable : the man has been under tremendous pressure since the beginning of the World Cup , and he cracked .
26 It is a factor recognised for a very long time in relation to language learning .
27 It is also a desirable one for the profoundly deaf young person and should be recognised for this positive value rather than for the negative one of its non-Englishness .
28 Pick Systems Inc has recognised for some time that it will have to concentrate on the database side of Pick 's personality in order to survive , but currently only around 40% of sales comes from Pick for Unix , with a few percent going to the MD-DOS implementation and the native Intel Corp iAPX-86 implementation accounting for the biggest part of the business .
29 High Wycombe , Buckinghamshire-based Insignia Solutions Ltd was recognised for developing its widely-used SoftPC program that emulates the MS-DOS environment used on the IBM personal computer on incompatible Apple Computer Inc Macintoshes , and workstations from the likes of Sun Microsystems Inc , Hewlett-Packard Co and Digital Equipment Corp ; and S&S International Ltd , Berkhamsted , Hertfordshire , gained an award for its Dr Solomon 's Anti-Virus Toolkit , which employs fuzzy logic to combat the most complex computer viruses .
30 ICL 's second trophy went to its Bracknell , Berkshire-based Mid Range Systems division for the volume of DRS 6000 series systems and associated Unix products and services shipped abroad — its revenues are reckoned to have trebled over the past three years to over £250m ; Cambridge-based IXI Ltd was recognised for its success in the open systems software arena with its X.desktop product for Unix , and Chalfont , Buckinghamshire-based Madge Networks Ltd , which ships its high performance Token Ring networking products across the world , and finds it necessary to kid the locals that it 's an American company when it is doing business in the US , also wins an Export award .
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