Example sentences of "reply give " in BNC.

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1 The reply given by Mrs. Bottomley centred around trade barriers not being acceptable and the answer appeared to me to contradict the action taken by America where President Bush has stated that Japanese imports are to be restricted .
2 Often I could see no connection between a remark made by one person and the reply given by another .
3 This was presumably the reply given to the representative of HQ Army Group E whom Gen Schmidt-Richberg had been instructed on 13 May to send back to HQ 5 Corps at 1400 hrs the following day .
4 A reply giving a general definition of sabotage as ‘ everything from turning a tap off to blowing a pipe up ’ had been juxtaposed to questions on party strategy , he said , adding that it was ridiculous to imply that he had supported violent acts .
5 The Minister denied that this was so , but his reply gave a further indication of the way news reporting was officially regarded :
6 Their reply gave us the number of the aircraft which Thomas was flying , Beaufort I L4508 , and the names of the other members of his crew .
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