Example sentences of "[be] unlikely [prep] [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 you 're unlikely to be able to do anything about it .
2 They 're unlikely to be able to release names until tomorrow .
3 Its presence in appreciable amounts is indicative of incorrect dosing , which should be rectified , but small amounts are unlikely to be troublesome in processing unless hard water is in use .
4 Other sheep they see , are unlikely to be black , so a black sheep is different .
5 Bodies such as the DFG do what they can to encourage good research , but there are unlikely to be major changes unless the need to improve research quality becomes a political priority , both at state and federal level .
6 They actively seek to expand their influence and would appear to be aiming to cover most of west London … the group can be expected to continue in their attempts to undermine the police , but are unlikely to be successful except in conditions of widespread disorder , general strike , etc , when they might have a potential for destabilisation . ’
7 While they are unlikely to be successful with the woodcut and the copper-plate , they may well achieve their ambition with some other processes .
8 When their prey species are inactive , cats may as well save energy , because they are unlikely to be successful in hunting , and so they rest and sleep for most of the day .
9 Anonymous approaches by telephone are now permitted although experience shows that without any forewarning of the approach they are unlikely to be successful ( see chapter 0407 for the detailed rules ) .
10 Yet it is important to convince management of these gains , otherwise it will be extremely unlikely that the information systems projects will be given the go-ahead , and even if this is achieved , they are unlikely to be successful .
11 The requirements of such a system may lead to a number of outcomes , some of which are unlikely to be beneficial to the child .
12 And such talents , it should be emphasized , are necessary not just for campaigning , but also for governing ; presidents unable to master television are unlikely to be effective in office .
13 In this respect Hoyle shared some of Stenhouse 's view ( if only implicitly ) since his concept of the ‘ creative school ’ and his concept of the ‘ extended professional ’ imply that innovations are unlikely to be effective unless they take account of the need for organisational support within the school , or teacher commitment to professional development .
14 Critics say that this means that the reforms are unlikely to be effective [ see ED 44 ] .
15 Thus , they contend that losses resulting from the automatic prohibition of mergers above a certain size are unlikely to be substantial , and are more than likely to be offset by the benefits arising from the creation of a climate of greater certainty and competition .
16 These are unlikely to be suitable hosts for the preservation of exhaled sulphides .
17 Less than a third agreed they came by their fees easily , while half felt they made a positive effort to support and understand clients and 59 per cent that they respond very positively to requests for help and advice ( although these two groups of responses should be seen in the light of that ‘ distress purchase ’ attitude , where lawyers are unlikely to be negative when a client suddenly calls up offering business ) .
18 Opted-out schools , operating in atomised isolation , in competition with each other and with the rump of the LEA system are unlikely to be capable of collective action in support of whole community needs .
19 However , these disadvantages are unlikely to be great in the light of current developments in technology .
20 If a total of less than 1% of the population is undefined then the errors are unlikely to be great , but the reliability of the moments decreases sharply as the proportions of undefined materials increases , and the technique should not be used with a higher proportion of unknowns notwithstanding the convenience and availability of pocket calculators suitable to perform the arithmetic .
21 Most of these developments might be seen as making English less different , but the kinds of changes that go on in ‘ literary theory ’ are unlikely to be familiar to anyone but a philosopher .
22 The anonymous donor of a very large sum to a very worthy cause has his own reasons for wishing to remain anonymous , which are unlikely to be discreditable .
23 In whatever format you keep them , the notes you make need to be clear ; if they are not self-explanatory at the time you write them , they are unlikely to be intelligible later , when your memory of working on the particular book or topic has faded .
24 The authors indicate therefore that excesses of prostatic cancer in industrial workforces are unlikely to be due to external radiation .
25 These findings are unlikely to be due to some superior " tuning " for line detection in the right hemisphere.although Tei and Owen ( 1980 ) have argued that the right hemisphere is neurophysiologically more sensitive to orientation than is the left hemisphere .
26 These findings are unlikely to be due to delayed antibody responses in the OPV group , since peak antibody concentrations are usually attained within 2–4 weeks after vaccination .
27 Though they serve as parent representatives they are unlikely to be representative parents typical of the average parent at the school so they need to be encouraged to become involved in as many of the schools activities as possible , not only to gauge parental feelings and attitudes but energetically to engage in identifying ways of improving the school 's performance .
28 Such studies are of patients in a tertiary care setting who are unlikely to be representative of all persons experiencing IBS symptoms .
29 Drugs which affect one single mediator and/or block one single receptor are unlikely to be helpful .
30 These are unlikely to be easy .
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