Example sentences of "[be] found to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Ambiguity arises where , through an error in drafting , the words used in the statute are found to be capable of bearing two or more meanings .
2 Synthetic drugs such as quinacrine and chloroquine , were developed to replace natural quinine but some strains of malaria are found to be resistant and doctors are using quinine again to treat malaria in Vietnam , fortunately , trees grow well in Java which is now the main global source .
3 They demonstrate equitable intervention in favour of married women where the conditions to which I have earlier referred are found to be present .
4 If your bills are always sailing through taxation as drawn , it may be that your draftsman is getting it spot on , but equally it may be because the bills are being constantly understated and therefore are found to be unobjectionable .
5 This system will provide a clear accountability relationship between centres and SCOTVEC , will enable greater recognition to be given to centres with proven internal quality systems and will provide a spur to those centres whose systems are found to be ineffective .
6 By means of inserted trace statements the values delivered by halfMeas , i.e. a measure of half of the view area , have been obtained and are found to be consistent .
7 Although figures 4 and 5 only indicate parameter values corresponding to the B I and B II energy minima the changes occurring during the transition are found to be smooth and monotonic .
8 Once computers have been introduced to a company and are found to be indispensable in these areas , it is a small step to progress to analysed costing .
9 If any of these are found to be tractable , then they all are .
10 Hummingbirds and hawkmoths are largely associated with trees producing flowers near the forest floor , where noctuid moths are found to be important pollinators in the smaller species of Meliaceae and butterflies in such families as Rubiaceae .
11 Similarly for Sweden , three of the four variables are found to be significant — although the results generally for that country are less satisfactory than for the other three .
12 If the transactions are found to be lawful and enforceable and interest rates remain high , the council stands to lose at least £69.1 million - the estimated negative value of its portfolio in February .
13 A high percentage of the homosexuals who are found to be positive , practise fellatio and , in particular , allowed ejaculation to take place in the mouth and then swallowed the semen .
14 It seems that all the things that we met with in life and thought of as advantages in the beginning , are found to be grave disadvantages ; and all those things that in our youth we thought of as severe disadvantages , at last come to be seen as benefits .
15 If bladder and testicles are found to be clear of disease , the most likely culprits are an adductor strain or osteitis pubis .
16 It is an inescapable fact that , despite all the care taken in passing legislation , some statutory provisions when applied to the circumstances under consideration in any specific case are found to be ambiguous .
17 From these extensive and varied surveys the detrimental effects of ionizing radiations are found to be somatic ( manifest in the exposed individuals themselves ) and genetic or hereditary ( affecting descendants ) .
18 The Compagnie de l'Est admitted in 1853 that goods traffic had ‘ increased … with such rapidity that our material has been found to be insufficient .
19 Of the females , 82.5 per cent have been found to be pregnant or lactating .
20 Secondly , gastric somatostatin concentrations have been found to be low after long term omeprazole treatment in rats , and thirdly , exogenous administration of somatostatin to hypergastrinaemia patients has been shown to inhibit significantly gastrin release .
21 Gravel tidies have been found to be invaluable when it comes to fish digging .
22 Recent prospective studies have been unable to confirm a linear relationship between alcohol intake and the development of cirrhosis , and even for steatosis , the severity has been found to be unrelated to the amount , duration , or type of alcohol consumed .
23 Fourth , if this has been found to be fruitful , to begin to prophesy in your congregation 's meeting , aiming to ‘ speak to men for their strengthening , encouragement and comfort . ’
24 Even if the contribution of bronchial asthma to cause of death is interpreted generously — for example , part I of the death certificate states death from asthma and part II states chronic obstructive airways disease — only 63 of 100 deaths have so far been found to be attributable to asthma .
25 For day to day purposes a knowledge of the following has generally been found to be useful to practising managers :
26 It is worth posing additional questions to promote discussion some that have been found to be useful are : If there had been no problem with the purchase of the bacon-curing business what would you have done with the £500 paid to the accountant ?
27 ( Inimical means that certain remedies have been found to be similar in their action that prescribing them in succession leads to aggravation e.g. Mercury and Silica should n't follow each other without interposing some other remedy ) 2 ) The beauty of the LM system is encompassed in its ability to fulfill §.2 of The Organon :
28 Smoking has been found to be contributory factor in both bladder and kidney cancers .
29 The determination of proliferation indices in colonic epithelium by BrdU incorporation in colonic biopsies and subsequent immunocytochemical detection has been found to be equivalent to the standard autoradiographic method by our group ( unpublished data ) .
30 In Cornwall it has been found to be unnecessary .
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