Example sentences of "[conj] [pers pn] is accepted [that] " in BNC.

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1 Figure 9–3(b) illustrates the special ease where A and B have identical utility functions or , alternatively , where it is accepted that A and B ought always to be treated as if they had identical utility functions .
2 This problem has been reduced now that schools are required to make some attempt at formulating longer-term school development plans , although it is accepted that they will act as flexible guidelines .
3 The headhunting phenomenon of moving teams gained itself a bad name , and it is clear that such a practice is still scorned by many of the most reputable executive search firms and by many companies too , although it is accepted that it happened comparatively rarely .
4 ( 2 ) The tenant may contemplate more frequent rent reviews under the underlease than those in the lease although it is accepted that the rent review dates should otherwise coincide .
5 The insurance should cover the full cost of rebuilding and reinstatement from time to time , although it is accepted that a covenant to insure for the " full cost of reinstatement " will be construed as meaning the cost of reinstatement at the time when reinstatement actually takes place , as opposed to the date when the premium is paid , or any other date .
6 At this point it is sufficient to mention that it is accepted that there were differences between the real and reported rates , but that for some crimes over certain periods of time the difference was fairly constant .
7 To my mind it is clear from the terms of the third paragraph of the Crown Prosecution Service 's letter that it is accepted that the order restricts them , in any prosecution which they decide to initiate , to utilising material already obtained or other material obtained independently of that disclosed in the High Court civil proceedings .
8 It is of no consequence once it is accepted that the God to serve humanity originated at the moment that life first became manifest , and combined with the material of the universe to start the long process of producing living creatures with the capacity to enjoy life and all that that involves .
9 Once it is accepted that the inner city is an idea rather than a place it is tempting to ask which interests really do benefit from the recurrence on the political agenda of the urban crisis .
10 Once it is accepted that the reasonableness of a belief is merely evidence of its actually being held and if it is allowed that other cogent evidence may be admitted to prove the existence of the belief , there seems to be no difference at all between the honest subjectivist and the reasonable objectivist .
11 There are manifest dangers in the way a relative norm is chosen , but once it is accepted that relative validity is all we can aim at these need not worry us unduly .
12 The submissions made to your Lordships on the basis of the history of eleemosynary corporations do not seem to me to justify the drawing of such a distinction at the present time once it is accepted that certiorari can be available ( as in Thomas ) on some grounds .
13 Once it is accepted that principles can be part of the law for reasons not reflecting convention but just because they are morally appealing , then a door is opened for the more threatening idea that some principles are part of the law because of their moral appeal , even though they contradict what convention has endorsed .
14 The extent to which these problems will be tolerated , and the measures adopted for dealing with them , will vary from school to school , and it is accepted that it would be impossible to lay down precise rules about the steps to be taken .
15 Library use is never evenly distributed throughout the stock , and it is accepted that some stock categories will only be used by a small number of readers .
16 Even if it is accepted that there is now overwhelming evidence that we possess a body clock , it will appear to have little use .
17 However , even if it is accepted that IIAs are marginal to the prospects of urban economic development and employment creation , it seems evident that some approaches to industrial improvement are more successful than others .
18 If it is accepted that general management is still gathering momentum , more may yet be to come .
19 If it is accepted that these moves are taking place , and there seems little doubt that they are , the question remains as to what significance they have , and what they imply .
20 This thought can be entertained only if it is accepted that the universe is eternal and timeless , and the theory of a once only chance association of circumstances causing life , be abandoned .
21 Less obvious is the misguided logic it offers , for , if it is accepted that blacks have the natural ability and talent to do well in sports , then it can do no harm to encourage their participation in sport .
22 However , even if it is accepted that treaties do not perform a single function and should not all be subject to the same rules , there remains the threshold question of how treaties are best conceptualised and categorised .
23 Second , if it is accepted that the organisations in question were operating in highly competitive markets , then their ability to win orders did necessitate an ability to adjust their manpower levels upwards and downwards and to hold labour costs to a minimum .
24 If it is accepted that we are in possession of logically adequate criteria of particular-identification , I do not see how one could deny that such criteria are ever fulfilled ; for how else would we know that they are indeed adequate ?
25 Even if all this is granted , even if it is accepted that higher education and with it the roles of teacher and student are in principle separate from the world of research , the sceptic still has one final card to play .
26 If it is accepted that the office has become the most common working environment for the majority of the population then it seems increasingly important that those involved in the design , construction and maintenance of them have an understanding of modern management techniques and their implications for employee efficiency .
27 If it is accepted that successful formative attempts can contribute to the summative assessment , the actual number of formal assessments could be substantially reduced .
28 If it is accepted that there is a role , though admittedly limited , for managing gall stone disease by preservation of the gall bladder , should the rotary lithotrite be the method of choice ?
29 This may be convenient for overnight/weekend operation if it is accepted that the duration time is not critical .
30 One way to connect the segments of the distribution is to argue , for example like Fuchs ( 1965 ) , that a moving poverty line be created if it is accepted that no one should fall below , say , 50 per cent of the mean or median income .
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