Example sentences of "[conj] [pers pn] is [adv] accepted " in BNC.

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1 For it can not be emphasized too much that the transsexual , even after conversion surgery , continually seeks reassurance that she is now accepted in her new sex role .
2 Experts continue to disagree about how to extrapolate from one to the other , although it is generally accepted that even the smallest dose carries a health risk .
3 Although it is generally accepted that the globular domain of H1 or H5 binds to the exit and entry points of nucleosomal DNA , there are currently many conflicting models for the detailed picture of how this is achieved .
4 It is uncertain whether neuroleptic medication is protective against the effects of life events , although it is well accepted to be protective against high emotional arousal .
5 While the application of procedural checks to licensing activities has therefore increased it would be mistaken to say that it is now accepted that any licensing function should be subjected to such safeguards .
6 The existence of man 's ability to enjoy beauty is not a contentious subject and it is universally accepted as ‘ good ’ .
7 That view — first expressed six years ago — has now been given effect , and it is universally accepted that students are denied housing benefit and , in the majority of cases , housing support .
8 ‘ Very serious grounds are needed to infringe anonymity , and it is generally accepted even by the Swedish judiciary that the public 's right to be informed takes precedence over law and order considerations , ’ said Ms Frances D'Souza , director of Article 19 , the International Campaign against Censorship .
9 In 1912 Edison introduced the compatible ‘ Blue Amberol ’ records made of an even tougher plastic ; and it is generally accepted that Blue Amberols had a better , higher fidelity performance than any other medium before the First World War .
10 Consumer public relations depends on using to the full this part of the media and it is generally accepted that any consultant working in this field will have contacts within the appropriate media .
11 Until it is universally accepted that nobody whatsoever has title to property other than that held under rules to be agreed and laid down by all humankind , as distinct from those alleged to have been the product of some ‘ god ’ or other , will the first step towards formulating those rules have been taken .
12 The strange horse will hover around on the outskirts of the herd until it is eventually accepted .
13 I have little doubt that , if it is broadly accepted by the Secretary of State and then implemented through the work of the subject working groups , teachers ' assessment skills will be vastly improved .
14 There are no rules defining the distinction between runners and strips , but it is generally accepted that a runner is relatively large ( halfway or corridor size ) , whereas a strip is rarely more than .
15 Many diverse schools still come from Okinawa , but it is generally accepted that the mainstay of much of the karate that is practised in the world today is the original shotokan style , brought from Okinawa to Japan by karate 's modern-day founder and innovator , Gichin Funakoshi .
16 A clear waiver of subrogation rights issued by the insurers is obviously preferred , but it is generally accepted that the noting of interests will have the same effect , although there is no guarantee of this .
17 Evaluation is still rudimentary but it is increasingly accepted that with services as massive and costly as those described we must develop techniques for measuring their impact and comparing the success and failure of different approaches .
18 Self-promotion of that sort may be a matter for amused comment , but it is widely accepted that one may choose one 's Place in the pecking order , or try to , and that in Britain parentage does not irreversibly define class .
19 Local farmers and regional government often hold large emergency stocks which are not counted , but it is nevertheless accepted that they represent a trend .
20 But it is universally accepted outside the ruling party that there is no question of a return to the golden days of 1980 and earlier elections , when Congress used to scoop up four-fifths of the seats .
21 The exact date of the Vendôme charter , in which Count Bouchard gave full details of the military service owed to him from the area of Vendôme , is still controversial ; but it is now accepted as an authentic document of the time of Fulk Nerra or Geoffrey Martel .
22 While it is now accepted that coronary arteriography can be safely performed following myocardial infarction , there is considerable variation between centres about the perceived indications for the test .
23 Finally , for the literary reader it should be noted that claims to have penetrated the meaning of the Jubilate in no way contradict the conclusion that its form is essentially ‘ psychotic ’ , since it is well accepted that , with effort , the sense in schizophrenic language can be discerned ( see Forrest for a discussion of this point ) .
24 One common conception of democracy is that it means " government by the people " or at least by the people 's elected representatives — since it is generally accepted , rightly or wrongly , that in large modern states the people themselves can not govern .
25 In negotiations , Britain has offered to cut its emissions of sulphur dioxide to 71 per cent of 1980 levels by 2005 , whereas it is widely accepted that a total cut of 80 per cent by 2000 is necessary .
26 The Act does not define what actually constitutes an artistic work , though it is generally accepted that it would cover any product made by an artist or craftsperson , which is normally unique , hand-made and makes a personal expressive statement .
27 Full length waders are essential as it is generally accepted that the best depth to work is knee to waist deep .
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