Example sentences of "[adv] over a period [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Any new planting was designed to be phased in over a period of years , planting schemes having to take account of the need to create a distinctive landscape for the immediate future as well as for the long term .
2 In other cases , a partner 's contribution may be agreed to be collected in over a period of years out of his profit share .
3 It will slide on as a whole line , from the bottom right hand corner ( which will take 50 frames to complete ) stay still for 120 frames , and then scatter off randomly over a period of 30 frames .
4 It is much better to build up endurance levels gradually and gently over a period of weeks and months .
5 For instance , in a group of patients with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis who were treated with an elimination diet followed by a wheat-free diet , cervical reintegration and the green-lipped mussel preparation , Seatone , significant and often dramatic improvements were obtained in a fortnight of an order similar to , or better than , those obtained by either homoeopathy or Seatone alone over a period of three to six months .
6 In the past , samples of children 's language have been collected using a diary approach where examples of children 's utterances , together with a description of the surrounding context , were simply written down over a period of weeks or months ( Miller 1981a ) .
7 Fibrous tissue replaces this , the capillaries heal and contract down over a period of months to leave a linear scar .
8 A currency which gradually adjusts up or down over a period of time , depending on the intrinsic strength of the economy which supports it , is much less likely to attract the eye of the speculator than one which is about to burst the artificial dam which has been built around it .
9 Perhaps over a period of months , even years , the yearning grew to escape .
10 It is not surprising that two people , who have worked closely together over a period of time , come up with a similar approach to a problem .
11 As couples live together over a period of years they will find more and more areas where decisions can be made without consultation because they will understand a lot of each other 's interests and desires .
12 Erm so therefore I would say in er theory er my understanding would be that yes we could know whatever you wanted to know about particular fields like every two o'clock over a period of a year or whatever .
13 It is clear that insubstantial changes will not give rise to a new copyright ( or right to prevent unfair extraction ) but what is the position when a database has changed considerably from its original form but this has happened incrementally over a period of time ?
14 After his death his empire could barely be sustained by the new rulers ( including Charles the Bald and Charles the Fat — is it possible to hold an empire together when the populace is taking the mickey out of you to that extent ? ) and crumbled away over a period of two centuries .
15 The rules would normally specify that the completion accounts are to be prepared in accordance with : ( a ) generally accepted accounting practices or the statements of standard accounting practice ( SSAPs ) in order to give a true and fair view ; ( b ) the same accounting practices as used consistently in previous accounts of the business , normally over a period of several years ; ( c ) specific accounting rules legislated for in the sale agreement .
16 Aim to alter your diet gradually over a period of six months .
17 It tends to happen gradually over a period of time .
18 Ben , aged 3 years , started to refuse food gradually over a period of months .
19 Always exercise gently to begin with , building up gradually over a period of time and remembering that there is never any need to strain yourself .
20 Instead of retreating instead of going underground instead of accepting that the situation had become extremely difficult and it was necessary to try and rebuild their organization and their influence gradually over a period of time , they committed their shattered forces to further battles and more or less completed er their destruction .
21 They emerged gradually over a period of half a century , culminating in his book Two New Sciences , which was first published in 1638 , almost a century after the publication of Copernicus 's major work .
22 Begin by exercising moderately for 5–10 minutes per day , and build up gradually over a period of a month .
23 You will need to spray at three day intervals at least three or four times , but preferably over a period of several weeks to control any new pests as soon as they hatch , before they can reproduce .
24 The efficiency of these ingredients wears off over a period of time , and swimming , towel- drying and perspiration can speed up this process .
25 You 've got ta put an offer in and pay it so much a month have n't you or something and , and , and get it paid off over a period of time ?
26 er France has erm not a bad policy towards this , it 's er though half-heartedly , er nonetheless over a period of er perhaps since the war it 's had what I call a tick over policy of making quite sure that every year they do produce a bit , do produce a bit .
27 Specific and lengthy training — usually over a period of years so the non-committed will fall by the wayside .
28 I have looked carefully over a period of weeks at those applications , and have reached the view that they deserve to be granted .
29 But recent research shows that the ‘ constant ’ changes by a fraction of a per cent , both over a period of weeks and over several years .
30 All the small modifications should add up over a period of time to make major achievements .
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