Example sentences of "[adv] a [adj] period [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The use of the courts to end a railroad strike in 1922 ushered in a lean period for the unions .
2 A worker-directed study conducted in the mid-1970s considered as temporary workers all who had a job which was available only for a limited time and all who were themselves available for their jobs for only a limited period of time .
3 This will be the case where , for example , a minister stays in a government department for only a limited period of time .
4 Fixed-term appointments are offered by the Board only where the job is expected to be of limited duration or there are exceptional management reasons for appointing someone for only a limited period to an ongoing job .
5 If a statutory demand is served , the debtor has only a limited period within which to apply to set it aside .
6 The national assembly , up to only a certain period of time , according to the constitution , and then again the parliament has to come back again into the picture .
7 Only a single company is allowed to operate in each part of the country but the incumbent is given a licence for only a fixed period of time .
8 St Giles 's cathedral nearby is more properly known as the High Kirk , having been formally designated a cathedral for only a brief period during the reign of Charles I. It was here that Charles attempted to impose a High Anglican liturgy , virtually a Mass , upon a Presbyterian society which responded with brawls in the church and outside , still remembered as the Jenny Geddes Riots after a vegetable seller from the market who was reported to have thrown her stool at the Dean 's head .
9 If you make sure the butt points at the target in the initial stages , and the tip follows through in a straight line , you will acquire both distance and accuracy after only a short period of practice .
10 In reality , the stories were recalled over only a short period of time and major event alterations did not occur , but both deaf and hearing people recalled the main episodes equally well and there was no significant difference in the number of events recalled .
11 In spite of only a short period of minority government the Labour Party in the 1920s had also developed some ambitious long-term policies .
12 Moreover , it has been suggested that only a short period of desaturation — perhaps as little as 30 minutes during a 24 hour period — may be all that is necessary to prevent cholesterol crystal nucleation from bile .
13 The specialized frugivores are , in general , foraging for only a short period of the day — in the cases of manikins and cotingas , for only some 10% of the daylight hours .
14 Now it 's a lot of people , it 's only a short period of time , is n't it , one month .
15 A single kiln , for instance , probably implies a potter 's presence for only a short period in the life of a settlement some may even have been itinerant or at best semi-residential , moving on once local demand had been satisfied .
16 Using data collected over a 2-year period from plots under a variety of management techniques , ranging from maize cultivation to a range of pasture grasses , they report that soil erosion and nutrient losses were greatest from maize ( Zea mays ) and guinea grass ( Panicum maximum Jacq. ) plots .
17 The broad branching heads of large , ragged yellow daisies appear over a long period during summer ; a large patch is a magnificent spectacle .
18 A die could survive over a long period of time .
19 This perspective is inadequate for an understanding of the colonial legal system because the post-independence practices evolved over a long period of time .
20 One is that the abuse is part of the way two people communicate over a long period of time .
21 Unlike groups in laboratory studies , the work group is not created and then disbanded permanently ; it often survives over a long period of time .
22 Many commonly-prescribed drugs increase the sensitivity of the skin and eyes to ultra-violet light — particularly if you take them over a long period of time .
23 The Profitboss. genuinely cares for his customers and develops sound trusting relationships with them over a long period of time .
24 The rationale , however , for that is clear : while insurers are willing to concede that accidents will happen , events developing over a long period of time because of a lack of concern for the potential hazards should not be allowed to .
25 Another modification of the model assumes that uniform extension occurs but takes account of the fact that stretching of the lithosphere is likely to occur over a long period of time , probably several million years .
26 The NEAP process involves : ( i ) the identification of a country 's environmental conditions and specific problems ; ( ii ) preparation of proposals to overcome the problems ; and ( iii ) formulation of a plan of action to deal with them over a specific period of time .
27 The one marginal exception is his only excursion into ghost-writing , A Yankee Looks at Cricket , written with Philadelphian cricket fanatic Henry Sayen in 1956 , which helped tide him over a tricky period between jobs .
28 A good game of tennis , badminton , hockey , netball , or football , for instance , all involve a great deal of running over a prolonged period of time .
29 ‘ The largest single category of problems mentioned , however , was depression and anxiety attributable to the stresses of caring over a prolonged period of time . ’
30 Young children do imitate the aggressive acts of televised models as much as live models ; furthermore , this effect persists over a considerable period of time and is particularly pronounced when the aggressive model is portrayed as successful .
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