Example sentences of "[pron] can be said to " in BNC.

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1 The second section looks at the various legal provisions which can be said to be concerned with certain specific social and moral educational objectives : the law on sex and race discrimination , religious education and collective worship , sex education and the coverage of political issues in the classroom .
2 The wording of the section contains no express limitation to documents which can be said to be part of a process of reconstituting the company 's state of knowledge .
3 I am therefore of the opinion that the power of the court to make an order under section 236 is not limited to documents which can be said to be needed ‘ to reconstitute the state of the company 's knowledge ’ even if that may be one of the purposes most clearly justifying the making of an order .
4 Research findings suggest , moreover , that the people most likely to change their votes — the floating voters — are generally the least informed within the electorate , and are thus not people who can be said to be making careful choices between policies .
5 There can be said to be at least three groups of predator assemblage distinguishable by this form of analysis .
6 The ultimate ‘ aim ’ of beauty , if there can be said to be such a thing , is to point us towards the spiritual realm .
7 There can be said to be at least three main schools of management theory addressing the people problem : the classical school embodying the work of F. W. Taylor and Henri Fayol , the behaviourist school founded by Elton Mayo and the quantitative school which appears to have had its origins in the operations research techniques developed during World War Il .
8 In the sense that these parties have provided the electorate with a clear either-or choice in both countries for many years , they can be said to be doing their job .
9 Distributors and retailers selling " own brand " goods can be liable if they can be said to be holding themselves out to be the producer .
10 It can be said to be the wind rustling through the trees , when first heard as the Tsarevich climbs over the wall to find his Princess .
11 This in turn led to DoE Circular 22/83 which recommends that planing gain is only reasonable where it can be said to fairly and directly relate to the actual development being proposed .
12 And , let it be noted , if 1920 marked the high tide of Bukharin 's leftism , then it can be said to be equally true of the Bolsheviks as a whole , Lenin included .
13 We saw earlier that majority decision-taking , even in the context of direct participatory democracy , poses the problem of how those who oppose the majority position and vote against it can be said to be governing themselves .
14 Indeed , it can be said to be a consequence , but also a cause , of the growth of the academic subject with which this book is concerned .
15 Of course , as recognized by the judge in the above case , if the structure is dictated by function then it can be said to be an uncopyrightable idea although , often that will not be so ; there will be a variety of potential structures possible .
16 If the information has been divulged to sufficient people so that it can be said to be no longer confidential , an injunction will not be of any help ; it would be like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted .
17 His shiksas and replicas , hostilities and escapes , have taken part in a great game of long duration , and he can be said to be reviewing the state of play .
18 But the owner 's possession , and with it his actual power to exercise his rights , is for the time being gone ; he must recover the watch — as he may even lawfully do by his own act — before he can be said to be again in possession of it .
19 Richard Titmuss was the outstanding exponent of the liberal socialist standpoint on the study of social policy ; indeed , he can be said to be virtually the founder of the systematic study of social policy .
20 As we noted , anaphora concerns the use of ( usually ) a pronoun to refer to the same referent as some prior term , as in : ( 90 ) Harry 's a sweetheart ; he 's so considerate where Harry and he can be said to be co-referential , i.e. pick out the same referent .
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