Example sentences of "[pron] [vb mod] be assumed [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Your salary is £8,250 exclusive of live-in benefits , which may be assumed to be equivalent to a further 20 per cent .
2 Detrimental to the plaintiff it can not be , if he has no cause of action ; and beneficial to the defendant it can not be ; for , in contemplation of law , the defence upon such an admitted state of facts must be successful , and the defendant will recover costs , which must be assumed to be a full compensation for all the legal damage he may sustain .
3 The New Historicists ' 'reciprocal concern with the historicity of texts and the textuality of history' would set up an exchange which might be assumed to be awkward .
4 Rationality is part of our greatness , but it also serves to keep us humble because rationality itself must be assumed by faith .
5 He bethought himself guiltily of Sergeant Crane , who might be assumed to be waiting to continue the conversation that Francesca 's call had interrupted , and padded down the corridor .
6 If women are to be a good test of male-oriented psychological theories , as egalitarian feminist psychology hopes , they must be assumed to be a largely homogeneous population .
7 The mental element with respect to unlawfulness remains to be determined , but it may be assumed after Morgan that it would be intention or recklessness .
8 If a car is unlawfully taken and then returned in a damaged state , it seems absolutely right that the person or persons responsible for taking it should be assumed to be responsible for causing the damage unless they can prove the contrary .
9 Although it could be assumed by some that this is a development towards a more specialized and fragmented approach it may alternatively be a foundation for a more unified approach and one which accommodates the necessity to combine understanding at the microphysiology and biochemistry ( realist ? ) level with that at the biome level which had traditionally been approached more in functional terms .
10 It will be assumed for the sake of argument that this patient had not indicated or is unable to indicate a desire that treatment on the ventilator be terminated .
11 It will be assumed for present purposes that society 's wealth is maximised when production takes place at the lowest possible cost , thus avoiding the waste of scarce resources ( the goal of ‘ productive efficiency ’ is satisfied ) , and goods and services are produced in the quantities and are of the quality demanded by consumers ( the goal of ‘ allocative efficiency ’ is satisfied ) .
12 As regards these latter matters , it will be assumed for the remainder of the chapter , unless the contrary is stated , that a company has capacity to grant the security and that the directors were not acting in breach of their duty to the company or exceeding their authority .
13 While both β and A may be complex quantities in general , it will be assumed for the purposes of the present section that β and A are just positive or negative real quantities .
14 It will be assumed from here on that the evolutionary events which provided , for the seekers after truth , that area of knowledge from which modern man could , millions of years later , extract a viable foundation for a Created God , do in fact do that , by providing the substance of an acceptable hypothesis .
15 It will be assumed in this book that a ( relatively ) closed set of lexical units is stored in the mental lexicon , together with rules or principles of some kind which permit the production of a possibly unlimited number of new ( i.e. not specifically stored ) units .
16 ( It will be assumed in this example that the S&P500 index covers only large shares quoted on the NYSE , although in actuality the S&P500 index includes some over-the-counter shares . )
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