Example sentences of "[art] [adv] long period [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The difficulties encountered in negotiating all the necessary approvals , particularly the funding , for a scheme which departed from the norm of fair rent housing explain the exceptionally long period of four years that preceded commencement of the building contract .
2 It was the relatively long period of life from birth to the end of physical dependence on the parents that built into the human being , an eradicable awareness of his vulnerability and a deeply-rooted instinctive expectation that his needs will be met from a source outside himself .
3 McKenna , recognising the species specific nature of the sudden infant death syndrome and the relatively narrow time range of the majority of deaths , drew attention to both the relatively long period of physical dependence of the human infant and the ways in which caring practices vary with historical and cultural contexts .
4 Here we report an exception : PSR1718–19 , in the globular cluster NGC6342 , is in a 6.2-hour eclipsing binary system , but has the relatively long period of 1s .
5 Close beside Xi is the huge eclipsing binary VV Cephei , which has the very long period of 7430 days ; the next eclipse is not due until 1996 , when the magnitude will drop from its usual 4.9 to about 5.2 .
6 After I had been there one term , however , my father took one of his almost yearly visits to Africa , this time for a rather longer period of about four months .
7 It may turn out to be one or two meetings only or a much longer period of time .
8 The net effect of these changes is , of course , that women are relatively free of child-rearing for a much longer period of their active lives and are , therefore , more likely to seek paid employment .
9 This of course was not the main part of the work , but a pilot study used to test and refine some hypotheses about the wider sociolinguistic situation , which was then investigated more fully over a much longer period of time .
10 But you know we have to look beyond the first year or two , we have to look at what 's going to happen to that school over a much longer period of time , and quite frankly erm I would feel safer with erm what was called the big brother of the Local Authority .
11 If subject to stress for a sufficiently long period of time all ‘ solid ’ materials are capable of flow .
12 However , if gains are kept offshore for a sufficiently long period of time , the return on investment may exceed the increased capital gains tax liability .
13 What we try to do is to make available to people opportunities for study in depth and over a fairly long period of time , on issues and in subjects which are part of University activity .
14 ‘ The Home Secretary was n't persuaded then and there has n't been a particularly long period of time since , so it is not likely that there will be any review . ’
15 However , the considerations given earlier on overflow area size and the need to allow for a relatively long period between reorganizations will guide the designer to a reasonable compromise .
16 This was particularly the case with patients who had been given methadone reduction over a relatively long period of time , say two to three months .
17 On the other hand all modern anthropologists and archaeologists would agree with the view that for a very long period of history mankind has existed solely by hunting , fishing , and gathering , and that such a technological stage always precedes domestication of plants and animals .
18 For , despite acquiring a mass of archival material stretching over a very long period of time , the Chinese never developed anything corresponding to the modern Western concept of history .
19 The fact that it is very difficult to do does n't prevent a lot of people wishing to achieve it , but it is very seldom that , in the industrial world , anybody has achieved and held continuously a pre-eminent position over a very long period of time .
20 Fact : The authors have chosen here to quote undiscounted and out-of-date figures although they make much play of discount rates elsewhere in their article and must be aware that the decommissioning costs concerned arise over a very long period of time stretching to the end of the twenty-first century and beyond .
21 One possibility would be a statutory reformulation of Rylands v. Fletcher shorn of the qualifications and defences which so emasculate it now , perhaps on the lines of the Restatement , which imposes strict liability on one who carries on an ‘ abnormally dangerous activity , ’ but this would be open to varying judicial inclinations and would give rise to considerable uncertainty for a very long period of time .
22 Earth science papers have a very long period of use , compared to physics or engineering , but there is variation between sub-disciplines .
23 One , for example , oh five , six years ago , perhaps more , time passes so quickly erm on the Lewes to Wych Cross road , closed the road at Dane Hill for a very long period of time , while the road was completely reconstructed .
24 There was therefore a very long period during which the need for a god was having its effect on the developing mind of man , but during which no god worship as now understood was practised .
25 After an immensely long period of feeble luminosity , the star loses the last of its light and heat , and becomes a cold , dead Black Dwarf .
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