Example sentences of "[adj] as far as the " in BNC.

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1 Mrs Symons was , as a matter of fact , a frequent visitor to this house before the war ; indeed , she was among the most popular as far as the staff were concerned due to the kind appreciation she never shied from showing .
2 But I imagine this often happens — people are for all practical purposes sane as far as the analyst 's door and become mad as they stretch themselves out and explain their sanity .
3 Niall might be free as far as the law was concerned , but he had been the injured party , the one left to pick up the pieces when the woman he must have loved walked out .
4 It was this very situation — one where the workers themselves could take control of the struggle , organise and demand on their own behalf — which was not acceptable as far as the trade union bureaucracy and leadership were concerned .
5 On the appointed Saturday in October , Micky met me at the railway station and drove me ( in a fairly elderly Morris Oxford with a canvas hood ) right down the High as far as the University Church , and there he parked ( no problem then ) .
6 I mean the society 's did n't change all that much as far as the ordinary people were concerned .
7 The UK solution to the need for a continuous and systematic comparison of the two is to keep them separate as far as the double-entry is concerned but to report them side-by-side .
8 Therefore , a work may be easy in one respect and hard in others ; for example , Silkin 's short poem ‘ The Worm ’ is straightforward as far as the vocabulary and sentence structure are concerned but , even so , the meaning of the poem is by no means transparent .
9 We were lucky in finding something to drink but unfortunate as far as the crumpet was concerned .
10 I made a lot of mistakes as any young person does , but I never made the mistake of thinking I knew it all as far as the Africans were concerned . "
11 The former won , which was all to the good as far as the SAS was concerned .
12 After the route closed , the track remained intact as far as the depot , which still stored surplus seasonal cars .
13 It was made clear to me by my mother , sometimes backed up by my sisters , that as far as the opposite sex was concerned , I did n't stand a chance .
14 So it is cut to the finest as far as the females are concerned .
15 That 's right as far as the arm is concerned we 've got to be cautious , there .
16 Another big advantage of Creation 6 as far as the Duomatic user is concerned , is that the programme allows you to see your design in full colour and over the whole 180 needles , or however wide the knitting is to be , before committing punch to card .
17 This was particularly evident as far as the young were concerned .
18 ‘ Allowing for the recovery period is also important as far as the next cooking cycle is concerned .
19 But we got some of that pressure off right away , and I think it proved very important as far as the way the tournament went from then on .
20 Although these matters may not be particularly important as far as the haematological features are concerned , they certainly are with respect to ventilation .
21 Correct measurement of doors and windows is particularly important as far as the moving of furniture is concerned .
22 The thesis of ‘ The intentional fallacy ’ , that the meaning of the words in a text is , and should be treated as , a matter of public knowledge , seems wholly unexceptionable as far as the dictionary-definition ( the ‘ denotation ’ ) of words is concerned ; but it seems much more problematic when one takes account of the broader associations that words carry with them ( ‘ connotations ’ ) .
23 It 's difficult as far as the alternatives are concerned , is that no alternatives , but effectively it 's about four times the cost to administer , because you can dip a hundred sheep off one of the er , packs and it 's a smaller pack .
24 Erm we 've had a , a major accident in nineteen fifty er ninety fifty seven , one of the Winscale small reactors at Winscale caught fire er the Americans had an accident at Three Mile Island which erm w was catastrophic as far as the reactor was concerned , but the safety devices prevented any radioactivity escaping the Russians have had their Three Mile I er their erm Chernobyl accident which was catastrophic .
25 In fact , I consider this vital as far as the therapeutic value of the treatment is concerned .
26 Will these families be more symmetrical as far as the allocation of unpaid work is concerned ?
27 The outward journey was quite uneventful as far as the Wadi Tamit , a steep defile leading down the escarpment on to the coastal plain .
28 That which once was unacceptable as far as the old Jewish food laws were concerned , can now be accepted .
29 Treatment is necessary as far as the advance of medical and psychological knowledge permits .
30 I should say that the current ethos of most departments is relatively left-wing as far as the teaching staff are concerned , but that many of the students hold views considerably further to the right .
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