Example sentences of "[adj] over a long period " in BNC.

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1 In this way , the mother provides her baby with more food over the period of its development than she would be able to pack into a single egg , and what is more , she can do this over a long period instead of being compelled to produce it all at one moment .
2 My right hon. and learned Friend the Member for Edinburgh , Pentlands ( Mr. Rifkind ) has made it unequivocally clear over a long period of years that he is wholly opposed to unilateral devolution , which is what the Bill proposes .
3 So if y if the chemicals will do that over a long period of time to rubber , think what it would do to your skin .
4 If stable over a longer period , the presence or absence of trimer structures at certain positions on a surface could act as bits of digital data .
5 It is often preferable to offer the necessary quantity of food as two meals , morning and evening , so the dog 's stomach remains fuller over a longer period .
6 The second attraction is that the Town and Country Planning Association is a fascinating case study of a pressure group that has been active over a long period .
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