Example sentences of "[verb] n't been [adv] successful " in BNC.

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1 ‘ It does n't seem to bother you that it has n't been altogether successful so far . ’
2 If he wants to do it his way and he succeeds then great , but so far it has n't been that successful .
3 World travel market attended , the club promotion , although it 's still running , has n't been very successful , over four hundred bed nights into the campaign , as a result of that short running promotion .
4 We paid over $50m for it , and that , for a small British company in those days going into a market where British companies had n't been notably successful , was seen as a very big commitment .
5 But to find her meant giving him the slip , and she had n't been too successful at that the last time .
6 To judge by his continued expression of smug amusement , it had n't been entirely successful .
7 If Dire Straits had n't been so successful , would you have carried on as a circuit band , or would you have gone back to teaching or journalism ?
8 Katharine replied that she had done shoulder-in and hand had a go at half-pass , but that it had n't been very successful !
9 I have n't been very successful with my aubergines the last couple of years , as they keep being eaten by caterpillars .
10 I 've tried to adapt an adult 's one but have n't been very successful .
11 British handhelds have n't been too successful in the past ( remember the Gamate ?
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