Example sentences of "[verb] [adv prt] all over [art] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ And I presume this sort of thing goes on all over the country ? ’
2 The statues came tumbling down all over the Soviet Union .
3 Not like now with all these casualties walking around all over the place , getting into fights . ’
4 While he , Owen , was tearing around all over the place like a bloody lunatic !
5 Mildred realized that her head had reappeared , which must have looked rather alarming , bobbing about all over the place with no body attached .
6 And , yes , there are a couple of lines around the eyes , and a grey hair or twenty ( at least they 're all together in a neat bunch , not lurking about all over the place ) and the neck does n't look too good in some , particularly unflattering , lights , but then I do n't suppose yours would , either .
7 Flora put her hands over her ears and began to jump about all over the kitchen .
8 Lights came on all over the Ship .
9 You see it written down all over the place incorrectly .
10 Very few films are about rape , although it crops up all over the place — from the narrative device launching an endless cycle of Death Wish movies , to general ’ scene-setting ’ in war movies and crime thrillers , or used with sublime insensitivity to illuminate ( male ) character : Robert De Niro raping his childhood sweetheart in Once Upon A Time In America , Bob Hoskins forcing himself on the maid in The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne .
11 They say that the concentrated magnetic fields in sunspots spread out all over the sun somewhat after the maximum of solar activity .
12 The sense of violence and anger , together with passionate interest , spilled out all over the place .
13 Big ideas : Sometimes the ‘ big ideas ’ of management theory become so fissile that they break out all over the place apparently independently .
14 As long as the controls are there to make sure they 're not wandering around all over the place which one hears about Group 4 and their reputation for letting people go which has become a bit of a joke .
15 ‘ We can eat later , ’ Leila called , trying to keep order over the group who were wandering about all over the place .
16 Seems to be wandering about all over the place !
17 There was so much going on all over the mission , more often than not organized by the people themselves .
18 Research on methods for controlling pests without chemicals is going on all over the world and the latest greenfly predator to come under scientific scrutiny is the lacewing .
19 Then she noticed the lights going on all over the school but thought no more about it .
20 There 's loads of new garages going in all over the place .
21 Some of them have got arms going off all over the place .
22 No we 're not all rushing off all over the place although the men and s some of the women you know we have gone off and they still I mean the men were in South Wales last week .
23 Sicked up all over the hideous tangerine carpet .
24 For months afterwards copies of forms turned up all over the Manchester office .
25 Slack planning laws mean hotels are growing up all over the place , said Nick — who quickly threw out his own idea that the West has all the answers to the problems .
26 They 're growing up all over the place and as you say , Ernie he he he did say about education but whose gon na run education in the future same as social services , you 'll soon find they 'll social services up into the health service .
27 Yeah I know but they do n't turn up and you get all tangled up all over the place
28 ‘ The lights are going out all over the galaxy , ’ he said softly .
29 He applied for a post in the service of the archduke : but Ferdinand was advised by his mother not to burden himself with such ‘ useless creatures who travel around all over the place , like beggars ’ .
30 He was sure there had been more when he first arrived ; they had been scuttling about all over the place , carrying implements , standing on stools stirring steaming mixtures , chopping things and throwing bits and pieces into cauldrons .
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