Example sentences of "[noun] over a [adj] period " in BNC.

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1 On 7 June 1972 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) issued a standard on asbestos exposure at work which took effect over a four-year period to 1 July 1976 .
2 This can have a rather unsettling effect over a long period — the family man can not promise to take his children to the seaside or his wife out to dinner more than a week ahead without the chance that he might be in India , California or Scotland at the time he promised .
3 The Government did however put in a £200 million investment programme over a four-year period ( the previous annual average , apart from one missile development programme , had been £5 million ) .
4 The Commission approved on Dec. 17 , 1989 , for the third framework programme , its key technology research and development initiative , a budget of 5,700 million ECU over a five-year period of which one-third was to be for research into information technology .
5 The fraud involved creation of false profits and stocks in the books over a seven-year period through use of purported contracts , which in reality did not exist , with third world countries .
6 The IMF decided , in 1988 , that the limit to enlarged access would be 440 per cent of a country 's quota over a three-year period .
7 Borrowers are able to use the facility up to 140 per cent of their quota over a four-year period and with much more relaxed repayment conditions than the normal facilities .
8 The giant ground sloths and armadillos of the past were clearly South American in character , showing that this continent had been populated by unique families of animals over a vast period of time .
9 A stability test involves the accumulation of a substantial amount of data over a prolonged period of time and may require the production of reports at several stages of the test .
10 The accumulation of data over a long period of time is a situation that lends itself well to the use of a microcomputer .
11 The only way that we could definitely ascertain the extent of the increase in recorded crime which is due to changes in reporting and/or recording practices would be if there were available victimization data over a long period .
12 According to a spokeswoman for the Fraud Squad , he is alleged to have stolen more than £130,000 from the Inland Revenue over a four-year period .
13 For example , the ceiling for relief could be reduced from £30,000 to zero in ten equal steps over a ten-year period of time .
14 This applied to many houses in the street , presumably brought about by the making up of the road with gravel over a long period .
15 There was considerable vaginal dilation ; in my view , only consistent with full penetration over a long period .
16 In the decade 's final timetable , there is an express every 15 minutes ( plus one extra ) between Swindon and Paddington over a two-and-a-half-hour period in the morning rush .
17 The large amounts of data needed for such an analysis were obtained by means of a participant observation method which allowed the investigator to record speakers over a long period , returning to collect more data if specific gaps emerged in the course of the analysis ( cf. 3.1 ) .
18 Failure to extend the agreement would have meant selling the buffer stock over a 4@1/2-year period from October , with potentially damaging consequences for prices , which were already at their lowest point for many years after five seasons of glut .
19 It may also be possible to argue that where the party has failed to respond to a notice of assignment from the purchaser , such lack of action over a long period is an implied consent where that party has dealt with the purchaser after completion .
20 When debating their new Constitution in 1988 , Congress passed a provision to force foreign companies to divest their controlling interests in mineral extraction over a four-year period .
21 By adding these potatoes , a bulky food of reasonably high-fibre content , they actually lost some weight over a three-month period !
22 A child who is not feeling well will stop eating temporarily and rapidly lose weight over a short period but this will be regained equally quickly once the child has recovered .
23 Having a naturally restrained appetite , which probably means that you are only a few pounds overweight and have gained this weight over a lengthy period .
24 If this analysis is accepted , then it is clear that the attempt over a long period of time to protect the position of those living in privately rented accommodation has failed and has , in fact , made the position worse .
25 For example , take a company which displays a doubling of turnover over a five-year period using a column graph ( vertical bar chart ) .
26 $580 million in compensation over a 14-year period .
27 It will be difficult or impossible to establish a course of dealing on the basis of a small number of transactions over a long period .
28 We want to research whether this campaign over a short period of time can improve this situation . ’
29 ‘ Both were using it in the sense that , in regard to the Inns , the judges over a long period , from time to time , had concurred in the Inns performing the duty of selecting those persons who were fit and proper persons to be called to the Bar and to be entitled to a right of audience in the courts and the duty of suspending or prohibiting such persons from practice .
30 He added that the electorates of UN member States might be unwilling to see their young men die in Ireland over a sustained period .
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