Example sentences of "[noun] can be said to " in BNC.

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1 This causes no problem , as the defendant can be said to be at fault whenever he commits a tort .
2 Such organizations can be said to be poorly designed .
3 The police car can be said to be represented as a " welcome sight " , and there is therefore a reference to the time before its appearance which is not present in the sentence with the subordinate clause .
4 Yet , as Mary Ainsworth ( 1969 ) points out in relation to the concept of attachment between mother and child ( monkeys included ) , a mental or physiological condition can be said to be present even when it is not visible in behaviour .
5 Whereas for Horvath and Sankoff ( as noted above ) the linguistic variables are ‘ well defined ’ , this is not so in a dialect-divergent community : in such a community few of the linguistic variables can be said to be defined at all .
6 ( Whether old people living in residential homes can be said to be living in the community is a separate issue , some aspects of which are considered in Chapter 7 . )
7 By virtue of being hand-made , all oriental rugs can be said to be unique — a weaver , no matter how hard he or she tries to follow a particular design , will invariably make small mistakes or innovations which will impart some individual flavour to the work — but it is rare to encounter a rug in which the weaver has consciously striven to express his own creative ideas at the expense of a traditional design .
8 Hence , the Listening Test can be said to measure students ' communicative ability by exposing them to the kind of authentic misunderstandings which have occurred in real situations .
9 If my lady can be said to be amusing .
10 If all these separate grams occur then the candidate string can be said to be allowable .
11 Bukharin 's own theory of capitalist crisis can be said to be one of disproportionality .
12 If talking Patois is best analysed as a social activity rather than a purely informational one , then the narratives by Susan and Stephen can be said to be exceptional in that they do not involve any other participants from the same speech community .
13 No one procedure can be said to be absolutely right , and composers have used every compromise between these two extremes .
14 God is present throughout reality in the sense in which a person can be said to be present throughout his or her body .
15 Where this test is satisfied it is not conclusive proof that the person is ‘ driving ’ and it must be asked whether the person can be said to be ‘ driving ’ under the ordinary meaning of that word .
16 But even if the ‘ social ’ stage is moved forward ( tendentiously ) to the point at which these developed resources can be said to ‘ already ’ exist , it is impossible to overlook the extraordinary social history of the institution of systems for their further cultural development .
17 The prime function of representative standing can be said to be to facilitate the protection of what might be called ‘ diffuse interests ’ , that is interests shared by many people .
18 The subject in the USA is , therefore , still implicitly dominated by one major theoretical perspective , and given the dominance of US scholars in the literature at large , Realism can be said to be the major current approach .
19 In principle , therefore , even where the delay can be said to be unjustifiable , the imposition of a permanent stay should be the exception rather than the rule .
20 In principle , therefore , even where the delay can be said to be unjustifiable , the imposition of a permanent stay should be the exception rather than the rule .
21 It is hard to identify a dividing line at which making can be said to be completed and implementation to start .
22 In this matter of mouths , the Nile can be said to be modest .
23 If the implications are reasonably consistent with observed phenomena , the theory can be said to ‘ explain' reality .
24 Well , no one movement can be said to be wrong , it is the repetition of a movement that begins to put a strain upon the body .
25 It must comprehend alternatives in policy , since it is only if an electoral decision can alter the actions of government that popular control can be said to be established …
26 Thus neither the causes nor consequences of this type of economic strategy can be said to be specifically local .
27 An important part of the discussion deals with the difficulty of deciding whether variation can be said to be between semantically equivalent forms which carry social meaning , or to encode an aspectual distinction ; this latter issue is treated in the context of a ( non-quantitative ) analysis of the semantic distinctions underlying tense and aspect marking ( see further 7.6 and 7.7 ) .
28 For instance , the following two occurrences of man can be said to be in syntactically different environments :
29 ‘ If the purpose of life can be said to be replication , then we have both failed dismally . ’
30 Those who argue that a universal definition of aggression is possible and even desirable are often interested … in whether the members of one society can be said to be ‘ more aggressive ’ than another according to some quantitative scale ’ .
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