Example sentences of "[noun] which happened to be " in BNC.

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1 So we entered a genteel teashoppe/cafe which happened to be handy and ordered coffee , as so often before .
2 She did not actually concentrate on the birds which happened to be there , nor did she feel any desire to feel them or encourage them to come near her — but she was quite able to relax knowing that they were there in the background .
3 Detective Sergeant Brian Jackson was driving through the more prosperous part of Long Eaton , a village on the outskirts of Nottingham which happened to be just over the Derbyshire border .
4 In 1795–6 , for example , the member of parliament for the county of Angus found himself much concerned with the fate of a piece of crown land which happened to be situated within the plantation lands in the island of St Vincent belonging to Patrick Cruickshank of Stracathro , one of the Angus freeholders .
5 There was an especially rapid growth of the textile industry in these towns which happened to be on the coalfield where the cost of transporting fuel was small .
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