Example sentences of "[noun] [adv] happened to [be] " in BNC.

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1 The auto industry just happened to be a convenient sector in which to show his determination to change ( Doner , 1987 ; Oman , 1989 : pp. 164–166 ) .
2 I wanted to ‘ do ’ someone I knew a little , but when I approached my number one seed , he served me up Roy as a better choice ( Roy just happened to be on holiday so not able to comment ) .
3 By chance there happened to be a 12 year-old MkII Boogie combo in the Guitarist studio with just such a loop .
4 The puppet is an exhibit at a cartoon gallery in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and the real Mr Heseltine just happened to be passing through .
5 Pilkington disliked the impression conveyed that these friendly personalities just happened to be recommending products as though they were disinterested parties .
6 The grass was lucky if it grew , was shone upon and rained upon , and was not burned , and was not pulled up by the roots , or poisoned , or buried when the ground was turned over , and some bits just happened to be on a line that humans wanted to walk on , and so got trampled , broken , pressed flat , with no malice ; just effect .
7 Applecross just happened to be central when Xenly was divided and so became the only building to be shared by each community .
8 We first met him at an elegant hotel in the ‘ uptown ’ district of Manhattan , New York , overlooking Central park , a watering place well known to artists ( Joe Cocker also happened to be in residence at the time ) .
9 The police just happened to be checking cars today .
10 The two counties also happened to be playing a 2nd XI match at Stratford , where Cranmer made both his first and last appearance as a Warwickshire 2nd XI player .
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