Example sentences of "[noun] [prep] [noun] all over " in BNC.

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1 The former King Rat now spends his days raising funds for kids all over the world .
2 And she 's dropped a tin of paint all over her trainers .
3 Went to the Royal Academy when I was doing my 'O' Levels , it was a Jackson follow up it was about , ambulance was about twelve foot by twelve foot , it was literally splodges of paint all over the fucking place , it was horrible , you can actually buy them at the Royal Academy , you ca n't buy them at , but he was asking a hundred thousand pounds for it , I could n't believe it , a trained monkey could of fucking painted that
4 It was a figure in a mask and a jacksuit with all this gear in pockets all over it , and she had a headset , and one for me , one like I would have had on if I had n't taken off in such a hurry , and she had jets , which no Gnat would have been seen dead with .
5 Due to the obsession of most comparative sociologists with problems of measurement , all sight of a global system was lost in the mists of dubious generalization about a host of discrete variables from societies all over the world .
6 The Met office has just agreed a prestigious deal with the International Civil Aviation Organisation to provide weather data to airlines all over the world .
7 Stephen was still in bed but sitting up and there were books on Vangmoor all over the quilt .
8 Many can forage above ground at night but they laboriously shield themselves from predators by constructing covered run-ways , and thin crusts of mud all over the vegetation they are plundering .
9 What a growing part of agriculture all over the world had in common was subjection to the industrial world economy .
10 I mean I think there are groups of women all over the country very interested in feminism and doing lots of good work and providing support for women who do want some sort of change , and so if that 's what you mean by the women 's liberation movement I think it 's a very good thing .
11 These source rocks are the peridotites , and since geophysics tells us that the mantle consists of the same kind of material all over the world , it 's clear that melting part of the mantle beneath Hawaii should produce the same kind of rocks as those produced by melting part of the mantle beneath Iceland .
12 Meanwhile , a wide variety of courts administered a wide variety of laws all over western Europe ; and if one asked a man in any part of Europe to whose law he was subject , he might well have answered ‘ to my law ’ — for law was a personal thing , which a man might carry about with him ; it bound him to the courts to which his ancestors had been subject , to the laws of those courts , and gave him the privileges which those courts provided .
13 Algal , lichen and moss communities grow wherever there is a hint of moisture , in a variety of habitats all over the continent .
14 To some extent , little or much , the Created God has been in course of production all over the world for all time .
15 Our task today is to increase the international pressure on behalf of the thousands of prisoners of conscience all over the world , to make tomorrow the day their freedom is restored .
16 The event was held in the school library and messages of hope were written to prisoners of conscience all over the world .
17 There is going to be all forms of Jihad all over the world because there is a sacred element , there is an element erm of er which is the presence of a foreign non-Muslim force in the Holy Land ; this is a very explosive element .
18 The Cathedrals of Paris , Laon , Reims , Amiens , Chartres have all been likened to the Parthenon in Athens in that they , collectively and individually , present the greatest contribution to the architecture of their time — Gothic — and became prototypes for churches all over Europe .
19 Now four English teenagers are dead following a canoeing accident off the Dorset coast , intensifying the concerns of parents all over Britain as they watch their children set off with their mates , while wondering what the chances are that something might go horribly wrong .
20 And with the help of breeders all over the world , they 've made a dramatic comeback .
21 You keep meeting the same people in a sector of industry all over the world . ’
22 To me there are prototypes of Alf all over the country : far too many of them in fact .
23 A tiny creature which cuts a tracery of lines all over the surface of floating foliage .
24 Our future lies in further developing the appeal of our outstanding portfolio of brands with consumers all over the world .
25 He was wearing a long woolly pullover with hedgehogs all over it , nothing else .
26 Even then , among the debris with smuts all over his face , he still retained his poise .
27 This game is based on the Simon game that was a hit with kids all over the U.K. a number of years ago .
28 Erlich had seen nothing like it in CI-3 , in Washington Field Office , where each room had photos of wives stuck onto cork boards , of kids , postcards from vacations all over the world , cartoons , clippings of headlines and a huge blow-up of a quote from an English thriller writer : ‘ The most suspicious , unbelieving , unreasonable , petty , inhuman , sadistic , double-crossing set of bastards in any language [ are ] the people who run counter-espionage departments . ’
29 Tommy sits in the studio alone and broadcasts to Children all over Britain .
30 Apparently they had road blocks and patrols on roads all over the area , and they searched the grounds of the house .
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