Example sentences of "talking to " in BNC.

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1 Let us join an American educationalist talking to children about their understanding of art .
2 A World Apart is , ‘ despite ’ its author 's socialism , a ‘ deeply religious book ’ , in which she has at times the sense of ‘ a man talking to God ’ .
3 Mike , a Cambridge undergraduate who is working on a kibbutz is talking to the Jewish girl Gila and explaining why he left university to end up in Israel .
4 She 's talking to Frank , her university tutor .
5 I was going to tell my joke to the nice German but he had started talking to someone else .
6 I expected Father to chase me , but when I reached the corner and looked back he was just standing there talking to the thin man .
7 Across the table he could hear Mrs Locombe-Stableford talking to the doctor about someone 's gall-stones .
8 Colleagues stopped talking to me , afraid no doubt that being on the wrong side of the new Director might prove contagious .
9 That was his first mistake : he could not now avoid talking to me .
10 The accident caused considerable consternation and it became clear , talking to the members present at the launch point , that many pilots did not really understand all the factors which caused the accident .
11 Ring Brian again and again for the relief of talking to someone in this Lucyless silent world , engaged , engaged , engaged .
12 Only by going there in thousands , outnumbering his tenants , talking to them , until they feel their power , and disarm their masters .
13 Trevor went on talking to Derek : ‘ The Luctians preserve Vascar limbs , ’ he said .
14 Luke had disappeared while she was talking to Godfrey .
15 Maggie was about to protest that talking to Roger and Luke did not qualify as lurking , but Roger made off with a bottle in each hand and Luke had vanished again .
16 Later still again , she was doing her A's , there was Daddy talking to them over the shepherd 's pie about Keir Hardie , and her saying , ‘ Oh gosh I see , yes — ! ’ and Mummy laughing , ‘ Can we all eat and not so much learned talk .
17 And she says , ‘ Come off it , my man , who d' you think you 're talking to , a mere jumped up commoner princess . ’
18 I had a mental picture of the conductor on the red London bus talking to Hammouda the village postman , of the English boy 's friends playing with Khadija 's grandson , especially Margaret , whose hair reminded me of the coloured feather duster Khadija 's grandson had pleaded for everytime he saw it in the market , thinking that it was a toy or a bird .
19 I saw Margaret talking to Saniyya , the daughter of the woman who ran the bathhouse .
20 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
21 Talking to professional designer-producers confirms this point : people will stop to admire such designs , but many more ‘ traditional ’ products are purchased .
22 ‘ But they will have no experience of running pubs and I know from talking to the local bench that licensing magistrates are concerned at the standard of new licensees . ’
23 Ambulance to Raigmore Hospital , Inverness and a few hours later I was talking to the consultant .
24 This situation is common in many academic areas , as I have discovered talking to colleagues , and it may be that this state of inflation and over-production is economically unavoidable , that many inferior books have to be published in order to let the good ones appear .
25 Robert McAlmon , writing reportage in The Exile number 2 , noted : ‘ At the Stryx , I found Ezra Pound talking to an English girl , and describing America as it never was , is not , and never will be .
26 I was there recently , talking to Dr Lalitha Vijayam about her research on the Siberian crane 's problems and about my chances of seeing one before the Ob river race becomes extinct .
27 In it , a small child roams the streets , talking to strangers , until he finally goes off with a woman who has been wandering about pushing an empty pram .
28 One saw the driver talking to and touching Mrs Wilks at the emergency telephone box , the silver car parked near by .
29 Astra has already been talking to officials of the Commons about its planned service , based on the American C-Span cable network , which performs a similar function .
30 Sansom , capped 86 times for England , was still talking to friends in the players ' bar at Stockport County last night when the rest of the squad left on the team bus after their 2-1 aggregate victory .
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