Example sentences of "happened to " in BNC.

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1 Try and think how you would feel if that happened to you .
2 He was well-aware of the sense in which he made up what happened to him , imagined his misfortune .
3 So , wrote Harsnet , there is continuity as well as discontinuity , but that does not mean , he wrote , that there exists what is called character , personality , character , Goldberg wrote in the margin , personality , as they seem to think , wrote Harsnet ( and Goldberg went on typing ) , when they say you have such a generous character if you would only recognize it , or you have so much to offer , or it is not for myself I speak but for you , not for myself I mourn but for the waste of all that generosity , when they pour those words over you , character , generosity , warmth , looking sad , shedding tears , putting on a brave face , saying do n't pay any attention to me , or , it 's nothing , forget it , I 'm crying for the waste , meaning waste if it 's not directed towards them , but you have only to see what happens when one lets oneself be persuaded by that sort of thing , wrote Harsnet , you have only to see what happened to Hutchinson , MacMahon , Rollins and Goldberg .
4 If anything happened to the computer and it proved impossible to get at the data inside , you could go to your back-up diskettes and simply copy the data back into the computer when it had been repaired , or replaced , or put it onto another computer .
5 Charles wanted his protégé in and as I was the resident ( and unpopular ) Baroque sculpture specialist , I happened to be in the way .
6 ‘ That happened to me when I first became unemployed , oh nearly nine years ago now … ’
7 ‘ So what happened to you ? ’
8 The Tranent folk had had a notion ( but look whit happened to them ) — say to the government , ‘ You can not trust us if ever you make us fight . ’
9 We first met him at an elegant hotel in the ‘ uptown ’ district of Manhattan , New York , overlooking Central park , a watering place well known to artists ( Joe Cocker also happened to be in residence at the time ) .
10 What happened to Simon ? ’
11 Buddeke wrote bits of her speech into a notebook as he examined those around him and made note of the enthusiastic individuals who happened to be standing nearby , describing dress , attitude , or making little sketches .
12 This begs the question , what happened to the British Tennis Supporters Club ?
13 What happened to their Electra branding , by the way ?
14 The same happened to stations .
15 What happened to Ben Cartwright , Hoss and Little Joe ?
16 But back to Bodytalk , whose convention happened to be at the Metropole , next to Labour 's conference hotel .
17 In evidence earlier this week Lord Aldington , 75 , formerly Brigadier Toby Lowe , who was chief of staff to General Sir Charles Keightley , commander of the British Army 's V Corps in Allied occupied Austria , said he had not known until 1979 what had happened happened to the Yugoslavs when they were handed over to the forces of Marshall Tito .
18 The local MP happened to be Michael Heseltine , who knows a thing or two about campaigning .
19 And a decade later , when the term ‘ has-been ’ seemed almost an understatement , she not only gratefully accepted but gleefully flung herself into the high camp , Low Gothic shenanigans of Robert Aldrich 's Whatever Happened to Baby Jane ? ( 1962 ) , in which , with a gloating relish that neither her baby-doll fright wig nor her impenetrable pancake make-up could conceal , she set about tormenting her immemorial screen rival and alter ego ( or egoist ) , Joan Crawford .
20 But the big surprise was what happened to the Araglin 's brown trout population .
21 What happened to Malcolm Beavers has upset a lot of policemen . ’
22 WHATEVER happened to the blarney ?
23 She spent more and more time off her eggs , parading about the yard , cackling as if demented and taking sudden rushes in whatever direction she happened to be facing when each fit of frenzy overcame her .
24 By way of Nero and his brief successor Galba ( who happened to be 73 , which is Mr Healey 's present age ) , we arrived at a picture , on page 483 , of Mr Healey dressed as Father Christmas , which I suggested was deeply melancholy .
25 I think , with having children of my own , I think what it would be like , God forbid , if that happened to one of my kids .
26 In there happened to be a very comfortable-looking barn .
27 As a result the peasant gathering ( skhod ) which happened to be scheduled then assembled an unusually high number of villagers .
28 In similar vein , Stan Twigg , of Wigan , asked what happened to the wartime personnel of 105 Squadron .
29 You may be interested in an event that happened to me after our Remembrance Service at East Kirkby early this July .
30 During his time at Cuddesdon something happened to the Church of England , at the national level , which left an indelible mark upon many young ordinands of the time , and certainly upon Michael Ramsey .
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