Example sentences of "knows how " in BNC.

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1 He knows how important to the power of his writings had been his fight with the Jews and the outrageous candour of his sexual descriptions , and in the recent writings this knowledge is conveyed by the proximity of an imagined truce to an imagined impotence .
2 At the start of every summer term for goodness knows how long , my name had appeared five times on the new lecture list .
3 It 's just that none of us actually knows how to go about it . ’
4 He knows how it feels to lose a father at a tender age .
5 ‘ Mr Cohen knows how to turn a phrase , his poems at their best have a clean , uncluttered line , and he writes about something , ’ said Milton Wilson .
6 Of course , nobody as yet knows how intentionality — the property that mental phenomena have of being about something other than themselves — or consciousness emerge from the operations of the brain .
7 Harriet knows how to get a cheap mortgage .
8 And who knows how many years will then have passed since George Orwell wrote about his ideal pub ?
9 Who knows how hard they might be along this slash through the fiercest mountain crag in Wales ?
10 But Mr Lawson has to show he knows how to do the trick , before he can win his argument , in theory or in the markets .
11 Much of Mr Lenarduzzi 's material for the meeting , designed to clarify the national curriculum , relied on inference because , as yet , only maths and science is actually taught under the guidelines issued by the Department of Education and Science , and nobody knows how attainment testing will work .
12 And no time limit has been set for the congress , simply because no one knows how long it will last and how it will end .
13 Mr Clarke knows how serious this dispute is but he is prepared to risk people 's lives rather than talk . ’
14 No one , including the church itself , knows how many members it has .
15 It knows how to behave . ’
16 Dave Stewart , who will open the Series as Oakland 's starting pitcher tonight , knows how hard it is to shut Clark down .
17 Either the commission intuitively knows how supply and demand will change — in which case the commission is miraculous but unnecessary — or else the commission is applying some other unspecified standards and judgements of its own — in which case the commission will be a tyrant if it can impose its decisions and a laughing stock if it can not .
18 But never completely : in turning back upon his or her own desire the deviant knows how to read the history within it .
19 And besides there was also an element of perversion , the persistence of infantile formations : God knows how [ blacks ] make love !
20 We go the long way ; who knows how long it will be before we come this way again ?
21 It knows how to charge .
22 She knows how to put a letter together all right .
23 God knows how it happened , there was n't another thing on the road , but the Jag overturned and caught fire .
24 Let him assume that she knows how annoying it is and does it to annoy — if you know your job he will not notice the immense improbability of the assumption .
25 Summer 's here , hemlines are high : it 's time to put your best foot forward and show off your perfectly dressed legs — and no-one knows how to flatter them more perfectly than Pretty Polly .
26 It is woven as only the American artificial-snow industry knows how .
27 They 've been building it for God knows how long , cancelling trains , people ca n't get on or off the platforms .
28 Yet nobody knows how people will react if some suddenly get a lot richer and some a lot poorer .
29 Mr Reichardt 's admirers say that if any American banker knows how to lend to property developers it is he — he was once one himself — and where better to do it than California ?
30 Information from the French , American and Russian experts who helped set up Iraq 's air defences will have helped in their defeat or circumvention — a jammer which knows how the enemy radar ‘ thinks ’ has a great advantage .
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