Example sentences of "give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I say their contemplation can give no-one pleasure ; they are there because their absence would be resented by the average man who regards a large amount of futile display as in some way inseparable from the conditions of that well-to-do life to which he belongs or aspires to belong .
2 Some of his displays have reminded me of Gerald Davies at his best — and I can give no-one a greater compliment .
3 After all , becoming a provisional member of Equity does n't give them work , it merely gives them the opportunity to work in the career for which they have trained .
4 I could give them the key to Father 's safe and they 'd be so grateful they 'd have a pair of boots made specially for me .
5 Planting now will give them a damp season to get the roots established before next spring .
6 Above all , show them that you care and will give them all the support and help you can — even if they are in trouble with the law
7 Allan — how long do you give them ? ’
8 Do they give them a second thought ?
9 Firstly , they can give them physical shape by referring to Noverre 's seven movements of dance , viz. to bend , stretch , rise , jump , glide , dart and turn .
10 They too wish to display their dancers ' bodies at their fullest extension , therefore they must give them time , rhythm and space in which to move .
11 ‘ For some children it would give them the opportunity to wreak mayhem , while other , more sensitive children would be deeply affected out of all proportion to what they had done .
12 Five months ago it was tens of thousands , quickly to become millions , of Chinese invoking his name as a symbol of the political reforms which their own rulers would not give them .
13 ‘ But we can not give them cash limits because we have no idea how bad the weather is going to be in the winter or what particular type of ‘ flu might be coming along .
14 In such circumstances England 's goal difference could give them an advantage over , say , Denmark in Group One or The Netherlands in Group Four , both of whom complete their fixtures next month .
15 Admittedly the referee was a foolish fellow who kept re-penalising Swansea for failing to retreat 10 yards when he did not give them the remotest chance to do so .
16 All the stores will be re-fitted with softer lighting and ash-coloured wood to ‘ give them a lighter and warmer feel ’ .
17 When the clergy tried to calm them , the crowd declared that the valuables belonged to the people , not to the church , so that priests could not give them away .
18 Do n't give them a sales pitch because there is nothing more irritating .
19 some members of a band could go out in the evening and pop into a whole bunch of places to ask if they will give them a gig .
20 Finally he got so used to me calling that he asked me to come down and give them a hand fixing it up .
21 ‘ Since I did n't give them any praise , Annie and Lizzie had to do the praising instead .
22 As Engels noted , women contribute differentially to the processes of production in different types of society but the contribution of women in the production of the most important goods of the society does not necessarily give them a high status as he thought .
23 Indigenous British women affected by post-natal depression are often single mothers or those whose husbands or boyfriends do n't give them the care and affection or help they need in this new stage of their life .
24 My hope is that you will become a supporter of UNICEF and that , together , we can give them what they so desperately need : a passport to health for their children .
25 Or should we give them back their dignity , their freedom and their rightful place in the natural order of the world 's rivers and oceans ?
26 You can help give them a more self-reliant future .
27 So , the businessman goes across the road to the people running the schools , and says , ‘ These are the jobs we want filled , if you can teach the children these skills we will give them priority if they come to us for a job when they leave . ’
28 We rattled them from the first minute and did n't give them any breathing space .
29 For just £15 you can give them a set of springs that take just an hour or two to fit under each key and make the keyboard so much bouncier .
30 Patrick Wintour adds : Motorists in London wanting to take their car into capital should be required to buy a £ 4 a day licence which would also give them access to free public transport in the City , The Liberal Democrats yesterday recommended a £4 a day central London charge , to include free out-of-centre parking and a public transport pass .
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