Example sentences of "known how " in BNC.

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1 Leading me where I have always wanted to go yet never known how .
2 My own ‘ anthropological history ’ in this liminoid phase became extended over eight years , until 1974 , and not only gave me time to reflect on many of the controls we were required to impose , but also to consider the nature of the social harm these unworldly folk devils and ‘ drug fiends ’ were actually causing ; for established society has never really known how to handle the unworldly easily .
3 A West Berlin radio station said a young man was killed — it was not known how — and that another lost both legs when hit by a train .
4 It is not known how many of the people arrested in last Saturday 's protests on the night of East Germany 's 40th anniversary have been freed .
5 She had done so ; Rachel had not known how to handle it then , and still did not know ten years later .
6 All this about Fenna was entirely true , but she would not have said it , would not have known how to shape such sentences .
7 They seemed to her unearthly ; a new combination of loss , pain and fear : they were howls she would have made herself only half-an-hour before , if she had known how .
8 Ada Gaily had known how to do things all her life .
9 However , had he done so , I would not have known how to find Woodbrook .
10 Not until now had he really known how much it all meant to him .
11 It will never be known how Jarman was caught , but caught he was , and condemned to hang .
12 It is not known how lithium salts work .
13 If Nutty had known how Nails intended to get the money for her fees she would have been shocked .
14 I had n't known how to explain what had been happening even if I 'd dared to .
15 I have not known how to express it .
16 Would I have known how to connect .
17 She could not have known how very distressing I had found the parting of mother and child ; how I had been almost haunted by the memory of that day , of the poignancy of a mother kissing her baby goodbye .
18 In addition , it is not known how easy it would be to apply these findings to other hospitals where psychiatric training is less adequate and there is a rapid turnover of junior medical staff .
19 It is not yet known how the active components of ginseng , compounds called triterpenoidal saponins , achieve these effects , although by analogy with the related steroidal saponins , such as digitalis , they may act on specific cell membranes .
20 But Mother must have known how precious dollies were to me and set about making me a black one taking the pattern from my old one , which I called Cuddles .
21 Nevertheless the Act is based upon this distinction ; some other countries have followed the logic and applied the legislation to all forms of information systems , whether manual or electronic , but it is not known how effective such legislation is .
22 Whether this was in fact the first is not really known , nor is it known how or why the tradition started , but Mr Hector Buckley ( in whose barn the 1964 pie was made and which had to be partially demolished to get the pie out ) has a theory about this .
23 On the one hand , the Church of England had managed to insult and harass its lesbian and gay members ( it is not known how many left in disgust ) , and had helped to justify to the public the upsurge in homophobic discrimination and violence which was taking place at the time .
24 We certainly do n't regret the move but wish we 'd known how much work and cost would be involved .
25 She should have known how it would be .
26 With hindsight , the left would have preferred Healey to Kinnock as leader : like all old-style right-wingers , Healey would have known how to accommodate himself to the left ; whereas Kinnock felt obliged to root it out of the party .
27 Though come to think of it , she had known how to ask for what she wanted .
28 Nor is it known how such circumstances arose or whether the balances are individually or cumulatively material in relation to the company 's accounts .
29 First and foremost , going to the races had gone to the team 's collective head and with Master James as a media star — and few have known how to manipulate the press with such skill , to make so many journos think they were ‘ particular ’ friends or to understand the voracity of Fleet Street 's sports editors ' avidity for upbeat Brit stories — the Hesketh operation became something of a Back Britain campaign , with patriotism overcoming business common sense .
30 But they had n't known that then , and if they had could not have known how much one day such postcards would have supported the story Adam was beginning to think he would tell .
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