Example sentences of "knew how " in BNC.

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1 First of all , he knew how to listen — which is very rare .
2 Now she knew how to tease and tantalise her , hold her on the brim of honeydew euphoria then flood her wordless yearning with a Niagara of delirium .
3 Now she knew where Lucy lived and Lucy knew how she felt .
4 At least she and Dionne knew how precious they were to each other .
5 And she knew how urgent and fervent their kisses had been , how close Lucy had been to abandoning whatever it was that held her back , made her withhold her beautiful body .
6 Eliot by writing as badly as he knew how … . ’ )
7 It knew the bank 's position ; it knew how much liquidity to inject to relieve the pressure .
8 They knew how desperately he and his comrades wanted to celebrate their day amid sweetness and light .
9 For Belinda , looking after Sophie was the only way she knew how to deal with the shock .
10 Recently , composer-conductors like Pierre Boulez or Oliver Knussen have cajoled orchestras into playing better than they ever knew how , by extending their technique , especially in contemporary repertoire .
11 So had the provinces , which scarcely knew how to struggle for local political and cultural rights .
12 Whenever he thought about this in later years , his memory would go back to the Cuddesdon time and the shock of seeing a House of Commons pretending that it knew how people ought to say their prayers .
13 We all knew how little and how vital a dime was .
14 Steve got by as best he knew how .
15 The great dragon was angry but courteous , and he woke them up in as mannerly a way as he knew how .
16 Suddenly she knew how to do this , this chatting and joking and telling her life , sharing it , warming herself from the fire of affection she had lit in her friend .
17 He knew how to get a product that was decent and rather unexciting on to the shop floor , but when it became necessary to add more to that product and to innovate in design terms , he did n't know how to go about it .
18 But we knew how to bring our design skills into Mothercare , because the design process is very much the same for graphics design or engineering design or for fashion design .
19 The girls knew how soon this mood could change if it was not fully entered into .
20 A Charlie knew how to live all right .
21 My God , they knew how to plan families twenty years , thirty years before you were born . ’
22 John Deane : Knew how much overtime needed for resignalling programme , but failed to ask for it to be extended .
23 Mr Justice Hoffman said in the High Court that he had decided to suspend judgment until he knew how soon the House of Lords was likely to hear an appeal against an order forcing Mr William Goodwin , aged 23 , who works on the Engineer magazine , to reveal confidential information .
24 They had won , as they will always have to , against the odds , but they did it by capitalising on their best players , by utilising every ounce of available experience and by trying as hard as they knew how .
25 Francesca , a true eldest child , knew how to score her points .
26 They had looked at each other , disconcerted at this apparent lack of liaison , but McLeish had been reassuring : very natural that they had n't compared notes , extremely useful that he now knew how long the car had been there .
27 Since July the bureaucrats of the foreign-trade monopoly who knew how to sell its products abroad have been sacked .
28 If we knew how it was produced , for example not by moving a pencil round on one end of a taut thread , but along one fixed at both ends , we could conclude that it really is an ellipse and not a circle .
29 I 'd grappled up the slope on foot just before and knew how steep and icy its surface was and which of the bigger rocks had to be dodged because they would foul the car 's underside .
30 The might before in the hotel lounge , with his wife , Lonnie , beside him , bemusedly aghast , he grilled a pleasant waitress until he knew how many tips she got each week , how many children she had , the frequency of men hitting on her and the general contour of her reality .
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