Example sentences of "probably [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Probably Ma McKeown had n't liked it either .
2 pity they were probably enemies , marriage or not .
3 Its origins are lost in antiquity but the Rock has probably ben used as a fortress from the Iron Age .
4 Yeah I might do yes erm probably Ben .
5 Your skin may now be soft and smooth but it 's probably lily white too .
6 The world record for economic inflation was probably Germany after the First World War , where the price of a loaf of bread went from under a mark to millions of marks in a few months .
7 Probably Germany was in a similar state .
8 It forms the primary nesting area for a number of specialised species , particularly Lapwing , Redshank , Snipe , and Yellow Wagtail , and probably Reed and Sedge Warblers .
9 Just an idea … probably shite
10 more police statements and probably hours police stations
11 well , no , probably mum and dad did n't think so , but
12 For much of that period the area was probably part of one of many statelets beyond the western edge of the early kingdom of East Anglia .
13 The gallery on this house on Church Hill was probably part of larger farm buildings facing the meadows .
14 More than that , he proposes that any effort to sort out these plots must itself depend on an analytical method which … is probably part of some systematic plot against free forms of life .
15 Passing lamp-lit windows through which they could see sleeping Japanese soldiers and men talking in small groups , they had gone as far as a machine-gun post among the buildings — probably part of the anti-aircraft defences-when a Japanese soldier came up .
16 There is some doubt about Droitwich , where recent excavations have uncovered buildings of a large establishment which is probably part of the salt-extraction industry .
17 ‘ The way I see it , it 's probably part of some cosmic master-plan .
18 As far as I can understand Samson 's Lane is from the school down to Samson 's Farm and probably part of the road down to .
19 It was probably part of a family plot , or a local farm estate , possibly concentrated around a small chapel or mausoleum .
20 From its size the experts think your pen was probably part of a child 's set .
21 Probably part of the banging Ann and Rita .
22 probably part of the reason why they did n't for the time being
23 After retirement these expectations may no longer even be relevant , yet habits die hard and probably patterns of caring have already been established which will go on exerting an influence even though there is no longer any need .
24 Many of the early mammals were probably insect eaters , as are many of the primitive representatives of the group today .
25 er around probably West Yorkshire .
26 Experience teaches.a lot as to whether or not a phenomenon is likely to be a genuine signal or background noise , but there is still a twilight zone , the tantalising occurrences which are probably noise but might possibly be signal .
27 The contrast between Saint Elisabeth and Christus ( probably Liszt 's finest single work ) is marked .
28 Zaburi za Davidi ( 1904 ) , the Psalms of David , is probably Taylor 's finest Bible translation — it may reasonably be compared with the Coverdale psalter .
29 Over the past few years the bourgeoisie has taken probably £10bn of completely untaxed , totally unearned capital profit from selling their houses .
30 These artistic predilections went hand in hand with a marked interest in aesthetic theory His notebooks of 1862-for instance , contain comments under the heading " On the Essence of Music " , which are probably notes for a two-part Germania essay on " The Demonic in Music " , and , again , a set of Emersonian reflection on Nature , beauty and art .
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